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Me questioning myself
Previously under the alias of MishachuTubby/DayDreemurr, AlmightySmolest, or can simply be called Elliott, was once an avid member on the wiki before taking a 2-year long hiatus.

About Edit

Salutations fellow avid fan! The names Elliott, but you can also call me Mickey. I'm a guy from the countryside of New York, and I go by he/his pronouns. Its been a while since I contributed to this lovely wiki, and its good to be back. Don't be afraid to swing by and leave me a message, I promise I don't bite!

I have a large array in interests and fandoms, Ever After High once being one of my biggest. Nowadays I'm mostly known for being a Disnerd, though, my main muse being Mickey Mouse. My other main fandom now is NiGHTS into Dreams, but I am in maaany more.

I am a hobbyist artist, but I occasionally open art trades or point commissions. My tools of the trade are my handy copic markers, Autodesk Sketchbook and Microsoft Paint. I barely do digital art anymore, mostly focusing on traditional art.

I am an animal enthusiast, and I often volunteer at local animal shelters and pet stores near me, as well as owning a menagerie of animals. My favorite animals - ironically enough to be categorized together - are mice and snakes. I own a ball python which triggered my love for the limbless reptile.

I also get really anxious easily, so if I dont reply to you please dont take it personally!! I also get really upset even if I make the slightest mistake (which happens literally 24/7) so I might dissociate. 

Ships Edit

I've got to get back in watching the series and movies before I can answer this!!

  • Rapple/Poisoned Apple (Raven Queen/Apple White): Though one thing is for sure, these two are the original storybook romance!

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when i make a single mistake
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trying to act like everything is okay when obviously it isnt okay

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Here are some other places you can reach me!