Ah yes the small prince

All hail to your rabbit king

Information about this tiny space rockEdit

Mishachu Tubby aka Elliott The Noot Noot Prince of Rabbits is a user that is seen on the Ever After High Fandom wiki. He uses he/his or they/them pronouns. 

He is a transgender male rabbit therian, who is a little bit stressed and eats a lot of plants. 

Also, he has really tiny hands for his age and fragile masculinity. 

He also may or be not be a fusion of tiny space rock lesbians

He believes in Wicca and loves to collect gemstones and to draw 


Steven Universe

Five Nights at Freddy's

Dont Hug Me I'm Scared

Mystery Skulls

Corpse Party

Rise of the Guardians


Watership Down


The Dreamio Teamio

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