Quotation1 That timeline looks EPOCH! Quotation2
Daun's pun when he sees a timeline of Earth.

Daun Cabbage is the dorky son of the witch's daughter from Donkey Cabbages, written by the Brothers Grimm.


His voice would sound alot like Mathew Broderick who voices Simba from the Lion King and Tack from The Arabian Knight. His live action portrayer would be Logan Lerman. 



Daun has a fun loving personality and loves to explore. But sometimes he chooses the wrong 'patch' and gets in trouble. He is also very flirty but very hard working also. He strongly dislikes when people bully his friends. He is very particular in what he eats alot of times because he feels if he eats the wrong thing like a potion,  he will be turned into an animal or something. He is also very picky like a spoiled cabbage when it comes to eating. He is ironically allergic to cabbages. He also brays when he laughs, similar to Rolanas. He is trying to find his future wife, the descendant of the Huntsman from his story. He hopes she would be just right for him to get his happily ever after. He is also very dorky and geeky about his interests, but keeps that hidden.   


Daun has black hair, long grey donkey ears, a grey donkey tail, green eyes, and pale skin.  He also has a pair of green glasses.                                                                                                                                        

Fairy Tale- Donkey CabbagesEdit

Donkey Cabbages



He gets along well with his mom and dad and his little sister Dani . He chose to follow his mom's destiny over his dad's, but he still isnt sure what he really wants, since he goes by what the rules say. 


He is friends with Royally Rebellious people, and Royals. He can see why some people would be rebels but he doesnt think anyone could really object their future. He doesnt say anything about it so Blondie Lockes wont get up all in his case about what he chooses.


He does not have a pet, unless a wild bird that he has to eat the heart out of it counts.


He used to date Rolana Candeliere until he dumped her on True Hearts Day. He didnt want to dump her but he cared about his destiny more. He is worried his fairytale might disappear if he does one thing wrong, like dating the wrong girl. He is trying to find the daughter of the Huntsman, since its obvious Hunter Huntsman isnt going to be the next huntsman. 



A Light green tuxedo, green pants, green cabbage bow tie, fancy shoes, and a cabbage looking umbrella.


Quotation1 Be careful what you eat because it might get you into trouble. Quotation2
Daun Cabbage's personal quote


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