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Personality and skillsEdit

Datis is a very kind young girl, she's generous and giving. She's almost like one's mother seeing as she'll grow emotionally attached to someone or something and become upset if something happens to them or it. The rest I'll be putting in later

Appearance and style Edit

Datis has long brown hair kept in a ponytail, her body is all made of wood and she has brilliant green eyes

Relationships Edit


Datis' mother is The Giving Tree from the story of the same name by author Shel Silverstein


She currently only has one friend, Destiny Catherine


She doesn't have a pet


She doesn't really have eyes for anyone yet



Datis wears a high collar poofed sleeved shirt in red with an embroidered branch coming up from the bottom. Her skirt is similar but it has green trees on the bottom and banches coming from the top. Her shoes are green boot like with no toes, the front part is shaped to look like a stump while the heel is made to look like a curled branch

Legacy DayEdit






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