Quotation1 I wanna follow my true heart and find that perfect someone. No one should tell you who you should love and not love. Quotation2
Dashing said this when someone told him to be a royal and love the Daughter of Snow White.
Dashing is the son of King Charming from the fairytale Snow White. He is a rebel and he is proud of it. Dashing is a rebel becuase he doesn't want to be forced to kiss the daughter of Snow White. He wants to follow his heart and kiss the girl he will truely love and not becuase his destiny tells him so.

Dasing is owned by CreativeMadness.



Dashing is not like his other brothers, he doesnt like being popular or scial. He likes being a background person. But he never forgotten, his sister Delicia Charming always visits him or sits with him. Dashing has sometimes been over croweded with girls, but mostly its because he is a Charming. Most girls don't see the real Dashing Charming, they only see the son of King Charming. Dashing does want a perfect girl, he doesn't care if its a princess or a witch or anythin, he justs wants a girl who likes him for his personality and not because he is the son of King Charming. 


Dashing has dirty blonde colored hair. His eyes are hazel. Dashing is 5"7.




Dashing doesn't really have a close relationship with his dad. But he has a great relationship with his 4 siblings. He only doesn't have a good relationship with his brothers Daring And Flashing since Daring is one of the populars and Flashing is dating Golden White


Dashing has a few friends that are Dorian Charming who is his brother,Aqua Nixie,Delicia Charming and Darling Charming who are Dash's sisters, and Rebecca Molinero.


When the students when to the enchanted forest, Dashing met a very beautiful snake. The snake had gold,silver,and bronze scales. Dashing and the snake became friends in first sight. Dash named the snake trophy, since the color of the snake's scales were colored of trophies.


Dashing isn't a really a boy who really wants a girlfriend but he has his eyes on Raven Queen just like is brother Dexter Charming and blushes around her.





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