Darya Bad is the child of Sindad, the Sinbad that is.  By the request *order* of her father she was sent here, to Ever After High. PICTURE TO COME



Dyra is on the shy side, having been raise boat side most of her life among pirates she doesn't exactly know how to enteract with those of her age, or of really her gender. Once she opens up though she is talkitive.


Her skin is a deep tan, near pale chocolate, her hair falls into dread locks, one side of her hair being to her chin, the other side falling to about her shoulder. Normally she has beads on the locks. Her eyes are a deep sea greenish-blue, and oddly enough she has pointed ears and blue tips. Her lips are normally a bright blue, and she wears bright green eyeshadow.  She also has two eyebrows peirce on her left eye brow, one on her lower lip, and another on her nose. She has five peircing on her ears; also she has a scar on the right side of her face.


Uknown yet.



The only 'family' she has know is that of her father and crew, but not her mother. Her relation ship with her father is strong, but when she goes near the topic of her mother it becomes, strained. Rumors hold her mother might of been a sea elf or nymph.


Being knew and unsure she has yet to make any.


She hasn't found anyone yet, and is slgihtly scared to do so, due to her father curse and how it came to be.


She owns a small sea dragon, by which she foundly calls Luna.



She wears alot of silk, with strong layering. Her color tones are green, blues, purples and golds. She tries to be pratical and fashionable.

Legacy DayEdit



-Her name has a meaning for sea.

- She has a deathly fear of water after nearly drowing and getting hypothermia, due to that she never learned to swim even though living on a ship.

-She is also taking manner classes, having little to none coming here.

-Its unknown who her mother is, but after her father being rescued by a female sea being, and dissapearing for about year and coming back  with a little girl one may assume..

- She has basic water controlling abilities that are by late growing.



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