Quotation1 So Duchess, are you just going to stand there, or are you going to confess? Quotation2
Dart accusing Duchess of getting everyone in trouble

Dart Hood is the 17 year old daughter of Robin Hood, and the sister of Sparrow Hood. She is on the Royal Side, because she is going to be the next Robin Hood, that Sparrow won't be.

Character Edit

Personally Edit

Dart likes to talk a Lot so if you get into a juicy conversation with her, she will talk all day! Because of this nonstop talking, she is the gossip at school. So try not to get into a huge conversation with her. Also if you talking about something she likes, she will get into the conversation, and talk about it all day. She is also very sneaky so, if you talk about something secret while Dart is secretly watching you then, OH NO! The spots she mostly sneaks in is the trees in the enchanted forest.


Dart has long wavy brown hair tied into a pony tail, and a ruffled red dress with arrows with quiver tied on her back. She also has pale green eyes.

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