I'm a fairy godmother, so hell yea give me requests for my next vid! Wootube: DareDareDarrell
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Hiya guys! It's Darrell. This is my new mirrorblog because as you know my other one got hacked >-> Seriously when's magic gonna catch up with modern times, give me my internet safety spells already

New vid! The Fae-reworks challenge! I had no idea anguille fairy dust would be so... flammable. Well not as much as (spoilers!! Watch the vid to find out more :P )

Ok guys I'm not a sap or anything But OH MY FAIRY GODMOTHER the new ep of Ash Queen made me cry

Man but tv today is kinda bad isnt it? Which is why yall should just watch my videos nyeheheh

just kidding lol

BIG NEWS YALL I'm gonna be in a fairytale!!!!

I wasnt really hexpecting to become a fairy godmother but apparently Aunt Pollaich had to drop out cause of health reasons? Idk the story

either way, gonna be moving schools. Spella.

If anyone else is going to eah too, @ me!!!!

lets be friends lol

sorry i havent been posting lately, ive been going through the most painful Fairy Godmother crash course, thanks mom

But ANYWAYS Im at Ever After High!!!!!! Its so busy i freaking love it

Just met my roommate!!! She's so cool, go follow her @@goldolddays!!! Darrellmirrorblog-pic1