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Darcy Tremaine is the daughter of Drizella Tremaine, one of the antagonists from Cinderella.



Darcy is a nice and kind girl. She isn't the type of girl to have attitude and make everyone cry their tears out, however she does have temper on herself, just like her friend for ever after, Raven Queen, but instead of casting spells, which she certainly doesn't have at all, she ends up breaking or destroying something. She is strong and tough and doesn't have a care in the world for mean people. She can sometimes act mean but only for a moment, she has lots of secrets and feelings but she hides them quite well but sometimes struggle to blur something out.

Darcy is totally against her destiny and wants to have her own happily ever after. She doesn't get jealous easily, it's difficult for someone or something to make her jealous, and she is not a show off. She finds show offs absouloutly annoying and dumb. Darcy is a great dancer and often runs off in her spare time to dance in her 'secret' place. Her life is a little difficult and hard since everyone comprehends that she is a fond of her destiny and wishes to be like her mother.






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