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Dani's personal quote

Danielle, or "Dani" Cabbage is the daughter of the Witche's daughter from Donkey Cabbages. She wants to follow her destiny as the next witche's daughter and have a happily ever after with her Huntsman. 


She would probably be voiced and Live action portrayed by Anne Hathaway, who did the Girl in the Princess Diaries.                                                           



Dani is the type of jenny who likes to stick to her roots and follow her destiny as the next Daughter of the witch, or atlease the Neice of the Witch. She is very outgoing and fun, but she has to watch if her cabbage dress starts to wilt, she needs to water it. She is also spoiled, like a rotten cabbage and doesnt take orders from others. She also bullies people at times with Ikia Tanuki and Islebella Lilman.


Long black hair, green highlights, green eyes, pale skin, pink lips.                                                              



She is very fond of her brother Daun Cabbage and her mom and dad.


She tends to hang out with both Royals and Rebels, but more with rebels. She HATES Rolana Candeliere since she is the cause of Daun not wanting to marry the daughter of the Huntsman. She is also friends with Ikimono Tanuki and Islebella Lilman


She has a crush on her destiny crush, Hunter Huntsman since the Huntsman married her mom in her story.


She has a pet bird named Len that she has to swallow the heart out of. 


Coming soon! :3 


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