Quotation1 I am destined to be Princess Charming, but in which story? Quotation2
Dana asked about her destiny.

Dana Charming is the daughter of King Charming.

Character Edit


Dana is sweet, and is outgoing...around people that she doesn't know very well. Around people like that she is outgoing and polite. Around the people she does know, she can shout a little too much, and has a bad temper, but is very funny. Dana is creative. Dana isn't sure of her place in the world, though, and you can often find her in deep thought. This is due to the fact that she doesn't have a destiny yet. (See fairytale.)


Dana has dirty blonde hair, that she keeps in a bun.

Fairy taleEdit

How does Dana fit into it?Edit

When looking back at the family tree to find a destiny for Dana, King Charming and Headmaster Grimm discovered a mistake. It turned out that Dana's great-great-great-great-great grandmother (who's destiny they were going to choose for Dana) was not the mother of Dana's great-great-great-great grandmother. They are still looking through books to find out who Dana's great-great-great-great-great grandmother actually was. So Dana does not know her destiny yet.



Dana is close to her mother, who teaches Nursery Rhyme School, and Dana sometimes helps in the classroom. Dana's father, King Charming, and Dana also have a strong bond. Dana's older brother Daring treats Dana like she is just a kid, which she doesn't enjoy, but he really does love her, and they have a secret handshake. Dana and Dexter are close. Dana and Darling are very close, being the only children who are girls. Dana, Dexter, and Darling make an excellent group of friends. Dana is a year younger than Dexter and Darling.


Dana is friends with her siblings, Dexter, Daring, and Darling. She is also friends with Holy O'Hair and Siren Song.


Dana has a pet cat named Fabulia.


Precisely 202 boys like Dana, so she's not in a rush.



Dana wears a hot pink skirt with black stripes. Her shirt is hot pink with sequins. The short sleeves are puffy and hot pink. Her high heels are magenta. She wears a tiara with pink jewels.

Legacy DayEdit

Dana wears the same tiara as her basic, a flowing lace pink dress, and gray high heels.

Getting Fairest Edit

Dana wears a light pink lace robe, and bunny slippers.


  • Dana is a Tailor Quick fan.
  • Dana is a One Refection fan.
  • Dana is fluent in Riddlish, though she is not a Wonderlandian.
  • Dana would be a Royal, but not knowing her destiny changed her views.
  • If Dana had a theme song, it would be Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.


"If I don't sign the Storybook Of Legends, will my family get mad at me? "

"I just feel so lost! Without a destiny, I'm not sure who I am."

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  • Dana's birthday is August 13th.


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