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Damon Gale

Damon Gale is a 2015 introduced and all-around character. Damon is the son of Dorothy Gale, the protagonist in the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its various sequels, written by L. Frank Baum. Due to being kept in the dark about the details of his story growing up, Damon sides with the Royals, as he is excited to just get to experience the story he has had hidden from him. He is in his Fourth Year of Ever After High.



This future Dorothy has everything any good protagonist needs; he has the brains, heart, and nerve to adventure through Oz to his heart's content, which is exactly what Damon plans to do. Having grown up in the countryside of Kansas with little to no stress, it is no surprise that Damon turned out to be the relaxed and gentle soul he did, albeit with a longing to see the big, Emerald City. There's very little anyone could do to deter him from those dreams.

While Damon may long for adventure he is a country guy at heart. He has a good work ethic, values his family and friends above all else, and believes a little politeness and hospitality goes a long way. Despite his work ethic, Damon usually wasn't allowed to partake in the manual labour on the farm due to how dangerous animals can be. As such, he spent large periods of time exploring the vast fields near his home. Damon would create and imagine his own stories while adventuring, often setting them in Oz. Farm life was a little slow for him and he craved something with just a little bit more excitement in it. These stories were often written down in book and comic form and to this day these books and drawings are some of his prized possessions, though he'd deny them fiercely if anyone found out.

Damon is a fairly popular, likeable guy. He isn't anything close to socially awkward but can find social interactions difficult when someone doesn't want to befriend him. He wants to make people happy and so, when he sees someone who isn't happy with him, tries to make them "happier" by continuing to try and befriend them. He understands this dislike as him doing something wrong and only wants to remedy that, but such isn't particularly helpful when someone hates you.

Damon also struggles with feeling left out, especially in his group of fellow Oz characters. Because he is forbidden from hearing any details of the story, he often finds that they quiet when he enters the room. He can't get involved in their discussions and, while they don't mean it, it definitely leaves him feeling left out and babied. Not knowing the information he wants to know (and information he feels he should know) is the most frustrating thing on earth for Damon. He tries to piece what information he can together but he has never quite gotten anything right.

This feeling of being left out isn't helped by the fact he is fairly out of touch with pop culture, due to largely being unable to use the internet. He used to, but come second year some anonymous people on throneblur and flitter sent him some Wizard of Oz spoilers, and he was forced to stop using most social media in case the story was further ruined for him. These days he mainly relies on friends to keep him up to date on the latest internet happenings and he can only be reached by hext message. On the few occasions he does go online, Damon goes by the name Elliot Smith rather than Damon Gale.

Growing up with the freedom he did while being an only child taught Damon independence early on, but he definitely has a childish spirit that can't be ignored. It can definitely annoy other people, but he finds happiness and peace in most things.


Unsurprisingly, Damon does have an interest in theatre and film. Though he does love singing and he does love acting (and he will admit to enjoying musicals), Damon much prefers singing by itself. Because of this, he isn't as involved with theatre as one might expect, choosing to primarily focus on his singing group. That being said, he is a capable actor. In his first year the school put on a production of the Wizard of Oz to celebrate the arrival of the next Dorothy to the school. Being that he isn't allowed to know the plot, Damon was forbidden from playing Dorothy (despite his wishes) and wasn't even allowed to see the show, much to his dismay. He's still bitter.

In terms of films, Damon loves watching them but loves critiquing them even more. His writing skills have developed immensely since childhood, meaning every time he watches a film he finds himself writing his ideal ("better") version of it in his head. Damon and William's first date was to the multihex theatre, where William was quick to find out that Damon is the kind of person to point out flaws and critique the film while it's playing ("If I wanted to sit in the dark quietly I could have done that at home for free!"), a trait that is more annoying than it is charming.


As mentioned above, Damon in skilled in writing, singing and acting. He gets along well with children and can speak both Spanish and English. While as a child he wasn't permitted to work on the farm, he grew into the farmer role more and more as he grew up. As such, he is a lot stronger than he looks. You probably wouldn't want to get punched by him, it'd definitely hurt.

He is an amateur artist, which is to saw he draws some sick pencil sketches.


Damon is a good looking guy, with brown skin and bright emerald eyes. He has a mole under his right eye, with small curls from his hair falling down near his eyes as well. Said hair is brown and wavy-curly in texture.

He stands at an average height for his age, which is a little taller than most of the main Ever After High cast, due to being a couple of years older.

Fairy Tale – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Main Article: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

How does Damon fit into it? 

Growing up, Damon's mother refused to let Damon know more than scarce details about his story so that all his reactions would be genuine and realistic. This means that Damon idolized and fantasized about what his adventures would entail, based on the few random details his mother had told him. He knew of witches, both good and bad, a man made of straw, a man made of tin, and a lion who was more of a wet kitten, but that was about it. "Sequels?! What sequels?!"

As such, Damon was incredibly excited for his story and, needless to say, was more than upset when his Senior Year was interrupted by a certain Second Year's rebellion (though he was ultimately more happy that Raven was comfortable with herself and her future). With no apparent destiny laid out for him anymore, Damon has made plans to visit Oz in his own time and is currently focusing on finding non-destiny related work, as the majority of seniors were forced to do.

Damon has no official conclusion on the Royal / Rebel conflict, as he is two years above the class that is experiencing the drama. However, considering the knock on effect it had on his (graduating) year, most of his class has formed casual opinions on the issue. If you asked him, he would cite himself as a royal, but for the most part, he isn't going to get his pants in a twist about it.



Martín Garcia†
Danielle GaleJavier Gale
Elizabeth Gale
Damon Gale

Damon lived on a Kansas farm with his Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Javier until he began attending Ever After High, two years prior to Apple and Raven's year. Though not an orphan like the original Dorothy, his mother Danielle, the previous Dorothy, resides in Oz. This means that Damon has had very little physical contact with her over the years. Still, the family all remain very close, with letters and phone calls frequently being exchanged between Damon and his mother.

Damon was born a fair few years before his mother fulfilled her destiny and had not been planned by his mother and father, which is the reason he is older than most of the other Oz cast. His parents had been close friends, not only with each other but with Elizabeth and Javier, and the four used to chase tornadoes together in their youth, amongst other things. Their time as a group (couple, in the case of Danielle and Martín) was cut tragically short thanks to the tornado at the start of the Wizard of Oz, which not only carried Danielle away but killed Martín, who did not have the plot armour of destiny to fall back on.

Martín 's death was part of the reason Danielle ultimately returned to Oz after her destiny. Danielle had intended to take Damon with her, but it had been suggested to her that Dorothy was originally an orphan, so leaving him behind would suit his destiny fine. Filled with grief, she agreed. Any time after that she had considered returning she was talking out of it by other cast members who were more keen to see the story continue accurately.

It is no surprise then that his family are all rather excited for Damon to graduate and live his story, primarily because it will allow them to all be a larger family unit again. Damon has a couple of other aunts and uncles and a fair few cousins (not to mention grandparents), all of whom had to back off for the sake of his story. He's very excited to be reunited with them all.

Aunt & Uncle

His Aunt and Uncle, while excited for the above, are also concerned for Damon's well being during the whole ordeal, especially considering the last tornado killed Damon's dad. They're prone to hammering down the messages of being safe and enforcing curfews, which Damon finds frustrating but thoughtful. He calls them once a week, if not more.

Elizabeth and Javier have always acted like another pair of parents to Damon and Damon loves them deeply for that. Damon admires and his misses his mother, yes, but he is far closer to his Aunt and Uncle, as it currently stands. He thinks they worry about him far too much but he does appreciate the thought.


It’s hard to find someone who Damon isn’t friends with or, at the very least, someone who he isn’t indifferent towards. His relaxed, easy going nature means it isn’t hard for him to get along with someone.

William Darling is his best friend and boyfriend, meeting after a minor hiccup before William’s Legacy Day. The two have been close since and even applied to be roommates in their Third Year. The two are both part of a larger friend group of other Fourth Years.

William and Damon practically accosted Alistair Wonderland when they first heard he had joined the school, scaring Alistair more than they probably should have. They caught up with him on the way to one of his classes and simply began striking up a conversation, stating that because of their "similar stories" and his new transfer he'd be in much need of their "expert advice on surviving Ever After". They were obviously not serious, but before they parted Damon jokingly noted that their fourth year status would mean they wouldn't have a lot of time to hang out, so "[He'd] be best to accept our offer as soon as possible". The next day they sat with him at lunch, without notifying Alistair that this would be the case, and have considered themselves a trio ever since. Damon is known to occasionally attend Alistair's chess club, even though he can't play, because he feels sorry that no one has joined it.

Obsidian Tunnel and himself are both active members of the all-male acaspella group at school. Although they don’t hang around much outside of that, they two enjoy spending time together and practising their singing.


Damon received a small, black, cairn terrier during animal calling, just as every Dorothy has before him. He appropriately named the dog Toto and, despite them being close, Toto has a mind of his own and tends to run circles around Damon. Damon is actually allergic to dogs, but this doesn't stop him allowing Toto to sleep in his dorm and on his bed.

Toto gets along well with William's pet dog Nana, who also sleeps in their dorm room.


As previously mentioned, Damon is currently dating William Darling and has been doing so since half-way through their Legacy Year.


Damon’s outfits usually feature a blue and white gingham element, often in combination with some suspenders. He always has his iconic slippers, or, at the very least, some kind of shoe in sparkly silver-red.

Art Doll Line


Signature - Royals

Damon’s signature outfit features a blue and white gingham shirt, covered by a lightweight cream sweater with the sleeves rolled up, exposing some of the gingham at the sleeves and collars. He ties a red tie around his neck, tying into some of the red details on his shoes (the laces, Oz logo, sequins). His denim shorts are attached to some suspenders, over his top, with some Oz logo buckles.

Of course, as the next Dorothy, Damon wears some sparkling shoes. The colour was his choice, and Damon chose sparkling silver with hints of red, a nod to two iconic versions of the shoes.


Legacy Day


Spring Unsprung


Book Party

Damon comes in a three pack with his fellow book protagonists, Alistair Wonderland and William Darling.


SDCC Exclusive

Damon's SDCC is not dissimilar to his Signature doll, except that everything has a sepia overtone to it, reflecting the change from sepia to colour in the Wizard of Oz movie. His outfit features a white shirt with a pair of blue and white gingham dungarees on top, that hit round about his knees. His hair is a little longer in this doll, tied back in a small ponytail with a braid in it.

All of the above art (c) me.

Class-ic Schedule



  • Adorkable: He’s annoyingly sweet.
  • All-loving Hero: Auliver comes the closest to being someone who Damon dislikes, and even then he just finds him vaguely annoying.
  • American Accents: Straight outta Kansas, which William likes to poke fun at. Damon pokes back.
  • Beauty Mark: One below his right eye. He has similar moles on his body, notably, he has one on his left wrist as well.
  • Bowties Are Cool
  • Fannoy: He’s very excited when he finally meets the Oz kids, who he grew up idolizing.
  • Friend to All Children: Ends up working in a Spellementary school in London.
  • Green Eyes: Representing that he has the Emerald City in his sights.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: Just like every Dorothy before him he has a small dog called Toto. Despite Toto’s mischievous nature, the two are often seen together, which doesn’t do much for Damon’s allergies.
  • Missing Mom: Dorothy is fine, just living in Oz away from Damon back in Kansas. They keep in relatively close contact, but by the time they reunite, it will have been around 15 years since they last saw each other physically.
    • Disappearing Dad: Damon's father was killed in the tornado that took Damon's mother to Oz.
  • Mr. Imagination: Spent his childhood drawing and writing what amounts to fanfic of the Wizard of Oz series.
  • Nice Guy: Genuinely so, to a fault.
  • Nice Shoes: Ruby / Silver slippers, which he naturally has in multiple styles.
  • Team Mom: Not in his group of fourth years, but of the Oz Squad. He just wants all these children to be safe and happy.
  • There’s No Place Like Home: Damon’s goal quickly shifts from getting to Oz to getting home as soon as destiny kicks in.
  • Trapped in Another World: During his destiny, Damon ends up believing that he is genuinely trapped in Oz, as he doesn't know the plot of any of the Wizard of Oz series.
  • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: Token American character, so of course he has a red / white / blue colour scheme.


  • Damon has a scar on the back of his head due to being smacked by a window when he was younger. He's thankful that it's covered by layers of fluffy curls.
  • His favourite candy used to be skittles. One time he ate so many that he had a sugar high where he thought he could hear colour. He hasn't eaten them since.
  • Though he does love his shoes, Damon's most prized possession is the stack of letters he has from his mum back in Oz. He keeps them in a box on his desk and would be distraught if anything were to happen to it.
  • When he plays Monopoly he always plays as the little dog piece and he will fight you if you take that away from him.
  • In his third year Damon dyed his hair blonde. He hasn't returned to the look.
  • He likes country music more than he'll admit.
  • Knows all the songs from the musical Oklahoma. Given that he's from Kansas, singing them makes him feel like a traitor.
  • Don't ask him to pick his favourite colour. He can't. 
  • Damon is gay, in reference to the saying "he’s a friend of Dorothy" being old gay slang for "he’s gay". This is also intended to reflect how important Judy Garland was to the LGBT community.
  • I got really torn up regarding what colour to make Damon’s shoes; should they be silver, like the original, or ruby, as is the common modern depiction? I couldn’t decide, so he got both.
    • You can’t see it in his art, but the bottom of his Silver-Red Converse are yellow and have brick patterned treads. This means, technically speaking, Damon walks a yellow bricked journey no matter where he goes.
  • Even though not the first to be posted to the wikia, or even the first to be developed, Damon was Spades’s first idea for an EAH OC.
  • Damon was named after one of Spades’s best childhood friends and is, generally speaking, sort of an ode to a lot of his childhood and it’s related nostalgia.
    • Various other characters in Damon’s life share names with Spades’s old friends, such as Millie and Andrew.
    • It should be noted that Damon is pronounced like day-mun.