Daisy in her Legacy Day outfit

Daisy Fair is the daughter of the fairy godmother. She has a forbidden friendship with the rebels such as Raven and Cerise, because she feels like she isn't good enough to become a real royal.


Daisy is very beautiful, with white-pink long hair and pink eyes.


Daisy is a royal at heart, but she feels like she doesn't belong with the royals, as her mother was just a fairy godmother, not royalty like Apple and Briar. She secretly desires to speak up and become real friends with the royals, but she thinks they will turn her down. Because of her fear that her mother will find out about her being friends with some rebels, she is a little shy and anxious, but bubbly and friendly when she is familiar with a person.One of her best friends is Ashlynn Ella, because of their mothers being very close.


Parent Story: Cinderella

Age: 15


Roommate:Florence Fur

Secret Hearts Desire: To become a real royal like Apple and not be so shy

My 'Magic' touch: I tend to overuse my power a bit

Storybook Romance Status: I am too shy for romance!

Oh 'Curses!' Moments: I always use magic at the worst possible moment!

Favourite Subject: probably Design as I love sewing!

Least Favourite Subject: Magic class.

BFFS: Cerise Hood and Ashlynn Ella

By Animalcrossingrules6

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