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Quotation1 my future vision sees you're getting none. Quotation2
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Parent Story The Witch
Alignment Neutral
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yo @pedroseio my makeup skills are better than yours dont @ me #mirrorblogdrama

to anyone that thinks that im being serious: glaucio and i are wlw mlm solidarity but his makeup skills are fairy inferior to mine thx

i thank both aphrodite and eros everyday for jacqueline. i love u bby <3

hahahahahaha this is hilarious. oh my grimm.

oh my grimm @ anyone who thinks ophiheufdewjhfeuhs is an actual zodiac: i dont trust you.

glaucio and i may not agree on our makeup skills and why im the superior makeup artiste but we both agree that sports sucks. what even is bookball? whats the point of it?

what a lovely evening to be loving my girlfriend @jackles_cackles 💕

god i hate mythamatics so. much.

mmmmmm it's spell-o-ween season. speeeell yeah.

well i guess spell-o-ween isn't that widely celebrated in this part of ever after but the aesthetics are still nice. can't wait to dress up or something.

@jackles_cackles is the most beautiful person in all of ever after and any other opinions are boring and wrong.