Quotation1 Tell 'em that it's my birthday Quotation2
Crystella's way of saying "I don't care", and her most common quote.
Quotation1 A few threads may not look pretty, but what they can become sure is amazing. Quotation2
Snowline's common quote

Crystella and Snowline W. Rabbit are twin sisters and both daughters of the White Rabbit.


If Snowline was to be portrayed, she would have gone for Taylor Swift or Bridgit Mendler.

If Crystella was to be portrayed, she would of gone for Selena Gomez or 2011's Miley Cyrus, or Taylor Swift.

Theme SongsEdit

Tell em it's my birthday by Selena Gomez

Here's to Never Growing up Instrument by Avril Lavigne



Crystella is a loving and caring girl who stands up for what she wants but sometimes get a bit shy. She does not want to follow the past set out for her, not because she doesn't like it but because she wants her own life. She always helps people and everyone thinks she's general a nice girl(even the royals!) but she can be mean when she wants.

Snowline W. Rabbit, AKA Snowy, is the cunning and mischievous daughter of the white rabbit, she has a rather I-don't-care attitude, but, she is also very responsible due to her parents working for the King and Queen of Hearts. Due to this, she is very good friends with Lizzie Hearts and they are close, but not as close as Snowline is with Lindsay Lizard. She is a trickster and loves tricks, like all rabbits, she is fast. Unlike any rabbit you've seen- which are all vegetarians- she loves steak, and lots of it, beefsteak! Her voice is sweet, but a bit tomboyish. She has a really hot temper, it's usually triggered by being annoyed immensely. Her tomboyish and cunning nature doesn't hide the fact that she is kind and caring underneath. Her rebellious attitude is way of showing that she knows how the bad guy in a story feels.


Human FormEdit

Her hair is a dark brown reaching an inch past her shoulders, her bangs covering part of her right eye. Her wavy hair is complemented by thin purple and teal streaks. Crystella has a fair peach skin and brilliant-blue eyes similar to her sisters.

Snowline has normal skin and eyes that are brilliant blue, identical to her sister's. Her medium-brown hair has several uneven streaks of the same blue as her eyes. Her uneven bangs hang over her left eye.

Rabbit FormEdit

The twins in their rabbit form are pure white as snow and their snow-white fur is as sparkly and shiny as crystals, therefore giving each bunny a name, not that Crystella's fur is shinier or Snowline's is whiter, just their parents thought it would be a better alternative. So as we were saying... (Yes, we're two people!)

...They take the standard rabbit form: big ears, little bunny nose, big hind legs and cutesy little paws. The girls have this hair on top of their rabbit heads, not wigs just to make them look feminine, actual hair, identical to their hair in human form.

Fairy tale - Alice's Adventures in WonderlandEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

How the Story Goes The story is about a curious little girl named Alice who follows a white rabbit down a rabbit hole. She soon loses the rabbit and in trying to get into a beautiful flower garden, has many adventures, she shrinks and grows throughout the story. She encounters the rabbit once more in the hallway and again in his house. At the end of the story she realizes it was all a dream

How do Crystella and Snowline come into it?Edit

A while after Alice left Wonderland, the White Rabbit fell in love with Mary Ann and it was arranged that they get married. Bunny Ticktock was soon born, and about five tocks later, Wonderland found itself with Albion, after him came the twins themselves. Ivory rabbit was born sometime after Albion, but before the twins.



They are twin sisters, they have Bunny Blanc as an older sister, and Albion Rabbit is their brother, Ivory Rabbit is their half-sister also Eevie Rabbit, along with W. Rabbit who is their dear daddy, and Mary Ann who is their mum. The rabbit family owns a shop called 'Clock Tocks', in which they work in almost everyday after school, which keeps the family skin tight.


Their closest friends are, besides each other, Lindsay Lizard, Victoria White, Maddie Hatter, Raven Queen and Briar Beauty.


They share a pure white labrador named Snowflake.


Crystella is single.

Harry white has a crush on her, but she doesn't share the feeling.



Crystella wears clock earrings and necklace, she wears slight golden eyeshadow. She wears a strapless blue and teal dress until her knees with a leather belt halfway across. Her shoes are 2 cm high heels that are pinky-red.

Snowline wears a strapless dress with a black cardigan on top. Her dress is blue with a layer of purple cotton underneath and it reaches just above her knees. Her boots are brown, with a blue design, they reach just below her knees, she doesn't wear stockings. Her eyeshade is three different shades of blue-to-purple and she has blood red lips. Her hair is worn in her signature style, her waist-length hair is down and her uneven bangs are hanging over her left eye. Her cardigan has a white pocket in which Snowy puts her pocket watch and the buttons on the cardigan are also white. Her jewelry is composed of gold chain with a teardrop sapphire pendant with matching teardrop sapphire earrings.

Legacy DayEdit

Crystella wears a rabbit headband and a white flowing dress with rabbit prints on it matched with soft furry shoes.

For Legacy Day Snowline wears a sapphire dress with a sweet-heart top and knee-length skirt divided in half by a silver sash, on the top half of her dress there are light blue swirly patterns and the bottom half has silvery-blue swirly patterns. She wears silver boots with strings of pearls wrapped around them.Her eyeshade is silver-to-pale blue and her lipstick is shiny blood red. As for her jewelry, she has a string of pearls around her neck and dangling earrings which have pearls.


Quotation1 Rebels are those who want to be strong and change the world, Royals are those who want to keep their family story, the choice is yours I won't stop you. Quotation2
Snowline giving a short speech about Royals and Rebels
Quotation1 You made me angry! Now I pay you back! Prepare to face the wrath of Snowline! Quotation2
Snowline in one of her explosions
Quotation1 Very good but very bad, this Hocus Latte makes me sad, Quotation2
Snowline given somebody else s' Hocus Latte.
Quotation1 I'm so so so very sorry, you know my 'explosions' they just pop out and then go back in! I'm really sorry, no I'm super sorry, no I'm the definition of sorry! Quotation2
Snowline apologizing after an 'explosion'
Quotation1 The Raven's imagination flies, but all that happens is that she cries, her heart is set upon good magic, the fact that she is destined to be bad is really tragic! Quotation2
Snowline talking in rhyme about Raven's wanting to use her magic for good.

Compare and ContrastEdit





  • Credit for art goes to Mandiga!
  • Snowline's favorite color is blue!
  • Snowline's a talented fashion designer and has designed her clothes aswell as some of Vicky's clothes.


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