Crystal Frost Daughter of The Snow Queen   

Parent's Story 
File:Crystal Frost.jpg

  The Snow queen is a story about a Magic Mirror That had the Power to Only Refelt the bad inthings and people. The mirror Shattered and the pieces flew into the eyes and hearts of people only allowing them to see the bad.   There was a little boy named Kai who lived next to a little girl named Gerda. They would play everyday and were good friends. One day a piece of the mirror flew into Kai heart and Eye andHe started makeing fun of Gerda and being mean. Gerda didn't understand why he was acting strange. One day, in winter, the Kai came upon  a Sled with the Snow Queen driveing it. The Snow Queen wsa lonely and made him forget about his family and Gerda. She also made him unable to feel the cold. she toke him away to her palace of snow. Kai's family thought Ksi had fallen into the river and drowned, Gerda didn't think so and went searching for him. she found the palace and went running to Kai giving him a hug. Her love melted away the affect of the mirror and the spell of the Queen. They danced at the Joy of them together again. The Queen let the children go. Alone again doomed to an eternity alone.

        Apperence                                                                              Edit

Crystal Has Long wavy White Hair With Light Pink High Lights, Snow Pale Skin and Icey Blue Eyes. 

She is Tall and Skinny. And Has a SnowFalke Birth Mark On both of her palms. Crystal Has a few other Outfits.

Will add more Later.....

Love Tay

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