Crowlin Scares is the daughter of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz


Crowlin is bright and intelligent, but can also be a little brainless at times. Crowlin likes to lend a hand to her BFFA Doralynn Gale. Crowlin likes to feel smart, and has a hard time dealing with uselessness.


Crowlin has tanned skin with orange and brown hair, and eyes the color of wheat. Crowlin wears a green slip-off-the-shoulder top with a grey and green skirt over gren striped stockings. She also wears green sneakers.




Parents StoryEdit

The Wizard of Oz




Irene Tin

​Secret Heart's DesireEdit

To have a brain.

My "Magic" TouchEdit

I am very smart when needed.

My Storybook RomanceEdit

I prefer to keep my priorities in check. Boys- NOT a priority,

​My "Oh Curses!" MomentEdit

I sometimes drop hay everywhere and I can't be near fire.

Favorite SubjectEdit

Che-myth-stry, I like to mix potions out of poppy.

​Least Favorite SubjectEdit

Cooking Class-ic, I do not mix with fire.

Best Friend Forever AfterEdit

Doralynn Gale and Wezton Oz



Doralynn Gale and Wezton Oz give greart advice to me.


A pet crow named I.Q. since he feels he knows what he is doing.

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