Crimson Fox hood is the Daughter of Red Riding Hood and the sister of Cerise. She also has a secret but she is more social than her sister. Crimson is a rebel because her secret makes her a Rebel.

Created by CreativeMadness



Crimson is social,cute,and hyper. She knows mostly everyone at Ever After High. Crimson is hyperwhen it comes to her favorite things. She is cute since she smiles a lot and boys stare at her. Crimson is also a part of the Student Body. She likes to help the school since she loves it there.


Crimson has half red hair and half violet hair. She wears a spirit hood and she wears a red dress with paw prints and baskets on it. Crimson also has a heart on her spirit ear that says "Student Body".

Fairy TaleEdit

Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) went to the forest to visit her ill granny. She took some cake and lemonade in a basket. She met a wicked wolf that asked her which path she was taking. She replied, ìIím taking the path that leads to my grannyís cottage.î

While LRRH was busy picking flowers to take to her granny, the wolf went to the cottage and swallowed granny in one gulp. Then the wolf put on grannyís cap, got in grannyís bed, covered up in blankets, and settled in to wait. LRRH arrived at the cottage and came into grannyís bedroom. She said, ìGranny what big ears you have,î and the wolf replied ìAll the better to hear you with, my dear.î And so on with Grannyís eyes: ìAll the better to see you with, my dear,î and teeth: ìall the better to eat you with, my dear.î

The wolf swallowed LLRH in one gulp and then fell asleep. A woodsman came by while the wolf was still asleep. The woodsman cut the wolf open with his ax and out popped Granny and LRRH. Then the woodsman, Granny, and LRRH all sat down by the fire and enjoyed cake and lemonade.



Crimson sometimes spends time with her sister when she is the forest but Crimson is mostly in the student body office working with the other members.


Crimson's friends are the whole student body. Her other friends are Delicia Charming,Madelina Hatter,Madora Hatter,C.A Cupid,Madeline Hatter,Raven Queen.and Apple White.


Crimson doesn't have a crush on her since people think she's weird but she doesn't care, she thinks friendship is more important.


  • If someone was the voice of Crimson it would be the voice of Clawdeen.
  • IF Crimson had a theme song it would be Dreams of an Absolution [[1]]

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