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Quotation1 Tell me a time when gold wasn't rare Quotation2
Cressida Gilded
Character Profile
Parent Little Golden Hood
Parent Story The True History of Little Golden Hood
Powerful Qualities What are your pros
Age 16
Alignment Icon-Royal Royal
Roommate Adorabelle Deerington
Secret Heart's Desire I would love to have the best protection through the use of my hood.
My "Magic" Touch I have a golden hood that I can protect myself with.
Storybook Romance Status Unknown
Oh "Curses!" Moments My hood can sometimes burn when people try to feel against it.
Favorite Subject Unknown
Least Favorite Subject Unknown
Best Friends Forever After Unknown

Cressida Gilded is a 2015 introduced and all around character. She is the daughter of Little Golden Hood from The True History of Little Golden Hood, a French variant of Little Red Riding Hood that appears in Andrew Lang's Red Fairy Book.

She was a community project, but she now lives in Grimm Master's place of wonder~


Cressida is short for her age. She has short auburn hair and blue eyes. She wears a golden hood, a yellow blouse with white lace, beige capris, and golden shoes.

See alsoEdit

The True History of Little Golden Hood

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