Quotation1 The thing about hearts? Just because a person has one doesn't mean they know how to use it. Sometimes your moral compass is better without one, but I'm not losing either anytime soon. Quotation2
Cora's card-quote

Cordelia Chopper, preferably known as Cora, is the daughter of Nick Chopper, better known as the Tin Woodman in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its sequels.

Technically speaking, while royalty due to her father ruling the West as Emperor of the Winkies after the Wicked Witch kicked the bucket, she considers herself a Rebel. She would be more than happy to rule Winkie Country and succeed the throne on her own (or let her sister, Nikole, due the ruling), preferably without the whole your-ax-gets-enchanted-to-chop-off-your-limbs-and-you-gain-tin-prostheses-so-plz-go-on-an-adventure-while-a-wicked-witch-takes-over-your-dad's-home bit.

Not to say that she doesn't respect her tin father's sentience. It's just that Cora would rather be respected by paving her own (and not quite yellow brick) road and have her differences be accepted without her dad's legacy in the picture, rather than wondering whether or not the only reason why she isn't cast aside is due to being adopted by a famous Ozian figurehead.



Cordelia is a blunt yet compassionate girl known for her casual, confident, if oddly flippant demeanor. Being something of a tossup, opinions of her are at times a bit polarizing; is she viewed as too "heartless" due to her emotions prompting thoughtless actions, or does Cora's hypersensitivity make her much too concerned with the sentiments of others? Is she a shameless spitfire who'll defend her pride, standing her ground in a blunt and reactive manner? Or perhaps she's an assertive, yet affable teen whose headstrong demeanor is the byproduct of a concerned and socially active soul.

To be honest, even the Chopper girl herself isn't sure. Whether seen as careless or caring too much. Many students tend to think that she's tough and unfazed by the problems she faces, that a cyborg from Oz would surely have nerves of steal (or tin, for that matter).

Unknown to many, every single presumption eats away at her thoughts. Do others like her for who she is as a person, or is it simply out of the importance of her destiny? Would she get the same recognition and had she never has prostheses, with the way some people ignore her physical shortcomings? And why does an already famous tale such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz even need to be retold in the first place?

With Raven Queen's refusal to pledge, these questions are more important to her than ever.

Well, there's one thing for sure. By definition, Cora is by far a heart-filled enigma whose hot-blooded forthrightness goes hand in hand with her inferiority-superiority complex. Sure, she doesn't always think before speaking her mind, but the Winkie princess will nonetheless take a stand for anybody she suspects an injustice has been directed upon. All in all, it's safe to say that she sports a heart of gold under the tin enhancements that she has.


Although she doesn't hail from Munchkinland, Cora, like a few notable Ozians, is rather short at 4'10". She has a compact, pear shaped build, mid-length thick scarlet hair pulled away from her face, intense brown eyes, and a warm sienna brown complexion. Her elbows are are nickel-plated tin joints and her forearms are semi-coated with the same metals. She has two prostheses, (and again, nickel-plated) tin left hand and lower leg.

She's almost never seen without an art nouveau/mucha-style headpiece with ear disks. Casual wear tends to be punk-ish (or any sort of alternative, really) with seldom steampunk influences on occasion; formal attire is either dandy clothes or art nouveau/art deco-inspired feminine wear, steampunk leanings optional. Her color scheme is silver and gold, usually with shades of red/orange/yellow/earth tones thrown in there.

Also: yes, her tin enhancements do in fact rust, but only outside of Oz. While Nickel doesn't rust in her homeland, it rusts in other realms. Cora always has an oil can on her to help loosen her joints, but sometimes her elbow joints rust before the rest of her prostheses do when she's (inconveniently) caught in the rain.

Abilities, Hobbies, and Interests Edit

Metalworking and 3D Sculptures Edit

Ever since she was a child, Cora has been fascinated by the work of Nick's royal tinsmiths at the Tin Palace – not just because of the care they take to keep her father (and her own prostheses) polished, but by all the things she could potentially make. Her dad, being surprisingly, for a guy with no brains, quick to notice, and she was old enough allowed his subjects to teach her their trade. She loves to make tin jewelry (charms/pendants, bracelets, etc) and armory, and is the top student in her Enchanted Smithing class.

Robotics Edit

A more recent hobby that she's not quite sure about making a living from, but Cora is nonetheless curious about how technology and magic work together when it comes engineering – especially complicated machines and mechanical prostheses. Although Robotics in Ever After is quite different in Oz, the Tin Man's daughter is beginning to get the hand of it.

Music Edit

As a nursery rhyme, Cora once found the whistle Nick used to summon the Queen of the Field Mice and her subjects. A few blows, a couple hundred mice in her wake, and a disgruntled Queen Of The Field Mice, her dad arranged for flute lessons under the guidance of members of the Tin Cornet Band to dissuade her from playing with it. Currently she plays the western concert flute and the piccolo in Muse-ic class and in one of the school's orchestras.

Theater Techie Things Edit

After some talk and convincing from a few of her orchestra band-mates, Cora became one of the theater department's show technicians. blahblahblah filler and other things.

Animal and Fantasy Race Rights Edit

Cora is, frankly, someone who's easily upset by even the thought of harming animals outside of self-defense. She also once cried for twenty minutes straight after accidentally swatting a housefly and her tin hand completely rusted wiping away her tears, but that isn't her proudest moment. With the family she has and coming from a place where most (if not all) creatures are sentient, it makes sense that she's care about their rights in Ever After as well. The young Chopper is especially fond of mice and yellow butterflies, and often caters to less understood animals (rats, bats, etc) to give them the attention that others don't give them. She's frequently seen volunteering at Book End's animal shelter after school hours.

Also, being from a land where talking lions, sentient scarecrows, patchwork ladies, and living ships made out of sofa slabs and a mounted Gump's head exist in one place, Cora is absolutely mortified by the way visibly non-human people are often treated in Ever After. She'll gladly show up at scheduled protests and aims to be a good ally for othe fantasy races in general.

Fairy Tale: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (and succeeding books)Edit

Basic SummaryEdit

We all know the tale, or at least so it seems: a little girl from Kansas gets swept away to a magical land and goes to seek the titular Wizard, meeting three quirky companions while defeating not one, but two Wicked Witches all by accident. Whether you've read the books or watched the film, there is plenty more to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz than the owner of this character needs to describe. That being said, there is notable backstory surrounding the Tin Woodman's origins:

Nick Chopper, a Munchkin man from a line of woodmen, fell in love with a lovely lass named Nimmie Amee. The maiden promised she'd marry him when he'd earned enough to provide them a house. However, she was a servant to a cruel old woman who didn't want her to marry, wanting to waited on for the rest of her life. Visiting the Wicked Witch of The East, the two struck a deal: two sheep and a cow in exchange for enchanting Nick's ax with the ability to cut off his limbs whenever he tried to swing his ax.

One by one, Nick went to a tinsmith to replace each body part with a metallic substitute: one per leg, arm, and his head. One day the ax struck his torso, and the tinsmith, Ku-Klip, just so happened to come across him. The man replaced what was left of Nick's former body. but because the tinsmith never replaced his physical heart, Nick Chopper thought that he couldn't feel love. He lost the desire he had for Nimmie, but nonetheless kept building until the house was finished. He got caught in the rain one night and rusted in place, then remained in the same position for a year until a girl and a living scarecrow met his acquaintance.

The rest is history, as he currently has a "heart" stuffed with sawdust. He ruled over Winkie Country (the west portion of Oz) as their Emperor after the Wicked Witch of the West was defeated. But despite any and all adventures thereafter, he never did remarry the love of his life, although he did try to once. Have a nifty link to Wikipedia's article on the Tin Woodman for more information.

How Cora Ties Into ItEdit


Cora dressed up for no particular line because yes.

When Cora was an infant, she was discovered by Nick one evening wrapped in a blanket, seemingly abandoned by the Tottenhot village south-east of Winkie and Quadling territory. The Tin Woodman, who had intended to meet with Glinda to discuss trading routes at the time, decided to stop by the tiny town in search of the unnamed child's guardians. 

The villagers stopped their leisurely activities upon the site of the peculiar Tin Emperor with the mysterious newborn. Oddly enough, none of them claimed her as their child let alone knew where she came from. Even their leader and ambassador hadn’t been aware of her existence, and when no claimed her as their own, the Tin Woodman didn’t have the heart to leave the little one without a family. And so, he decided to raise her as his own.

Since the girl appeared in their likeness, the leader only approved of the Tin Woodman’s adoption on three conditions: ensure the safely of their Ozian peoples and their rights to the land in which they control, maintain good ties between the child and the village, and to not push aside her roots just because of who she might turn out to be as a result of destiny.Nick, being a fair ruler and father both, kept this promise ever since that fateful night.

Later, when he unwrapped the blankets, he was surprised to see (and concerned about) the baby's condition: a missing lower leg/hand with no signs of manual amputation, and arms that appeared to be mildly hypotonic. His friend Scarecrow later theorized that she may have been born premature and with a birth defect called amelia, but no one's completely sure about the conditions of her birth. When Cora was old enough, the Tin Woodman started bringing her to Ku-Klip to give her tin replacements, enhancements, and prostheses. Even now, she periodically visits his shop for fittings and to refurbish her tin parts.

Parallels Edit

Original Books/General Edit

  • Although Cora's own pride is internally overshadowed by her own insecurities, her inferiority/superiority complex is a nod to Nick's (mostly harmless) pridefulness displayed in the sequels.
  • Nick Chopper is described as a "dandy" in later books, referenced in Cora's appearance section about dandy-themed formalwear. The art deco/nouveau influences are nods to the era that the books were written in.
  • Her fondness towards mice references The Queen Of The Field Mice chapter in the first book, as well as Nick Chopper's friendship with her.
    • Her yellow butterfly affinity/her butterfly peg a nod to Nick's role in The Patchwork Girl of Oz, where the Tin Woodman refuses to let Ojo the Unlucky kill a yellow butterfly for a magic spell.
    • Her huge amount empathy towards animals and hypersensitivity especially her crying over killing a fly is one big reference to Nick's sensitive nature (both towards animals and in general), especially the following quote:
Quotation1 Once, indeed, the Tin Woodman stepped upon a beetle that was crawling along the road, and killed the poor little thing. This made the Tin Woodman very unhappy, for he was always careful not to hurt any living creature; and as he walked along he wept several tears of sorrow and regret. These tears ran slowly down his face and over the hinges of his jaw, and there they rusted. Quotation2
Chapter 6, The Cowardly Lion
  • The name Cordelia is associated with the latin term cordis or cor, meaning "heart". Should be obvs.
  • Metalwork + prostheses = tin = tin man aka more obvs.
  • Cora's physical appearance (short height, dark skin, red hair), are all canon characteristics of the Tottenhots from The Patchwork Girl of Oz.
    • Has chronic insomnia; the Tottenhots were described as people who slept during the day and stayed awake at night.
    • Cora's one to try and make work fun/keep herself entertained doing chores; the Hottenhots were also described to be a playful people.
    • One of Cora's color motifs is orange. While Winkies are associated with yellow, the color for the Quadlings is red. The Tottenhots live around the Winkie-Quadling border, and yellow mixed with red makes orange.

Other Works (mostly musicals and pop cultural stuff) Edit

  • Though not currently interested in a Glinda OC tho if anyone's up for a one-sided crush or a ship I don't mind bc I'm trash, Cora gets easily swept up when it comes to crushes on cute girls not unlike Boq who (later becomes the Tin Man) in the musical Wicked.
  • Cora is into animal rights, and is also is an activist for marginalized fantasy races such as trolls and ogres. In both the musical and book version of Wicked, Elphaba (the future Wicked Witch of The West) is a staunch supporter for the rights of Animals (a race of anthropomorphic creatures).
  • In the book version of Wicked, the Winkies (who are called the Vinkus in the novels) are described as having dark skin. Cora is black (would specifically be African-American in real world terms but this is Oz), has brown skin, and was technically born/currently lives in Winkie territory.
  • In the 1902 musical for The Wizard of Oz, Nick is renamed Niccolo Chopper and is skilled at playing the piccolo. Cora is a band geek who plays the piccolo and concert flute.
  • Her being a techie is a nod to Oz's background in musical theater. She also has a decent singing voice, but refuses to actually act/sing on stage for now at least.
  • "Friend of Dorothy" is slang for a gay male. Although Cora is a girl, she's a lesbian whose dad was one of Dorothy's, you guessed it, friends.

Relationships Edit


The Choppers are a small yet tight-knit family, living comfortably in the Tin Palace. Of course, with the girls being (mostly) flesh, both siblings' bedrooms are, to an extent, exceptions when it comes to their father's all-tin-all-the-time house decor. The sisters were sent to Ever After High with the intent of one of them filling their father's shoes and the other taking the place of the Tin Soldier, Captain Fyter, as he hasn't taken on a heir. To Milton Grimm's ire, neither Chopper sister have established which destiny they want to take; fortunatately, neither of them now have to.

Nick Chopper, The Tin Woodman Edit

When it comes to her kindhearted (though at times excessively proud) Emperor father, Cora is the textbook definition of a Daddy's Girl. He instilled a lot of pride in daughter's synthetic features and Winkie Country, and it's because of him that she fully embraces her tin enhancements. However, before the events of Way Too Wonderland, the Chopper girl was never sure how to talk about her feelings about taking on his (or Fyter's) legacy.

Specifically, Nick Chopper heavily bought into the possibility that Oz would cease to exist if there was even one person who couldn't play a given role in the story (and stories, by possible extension). Though never intending to pressure his daughters, he was often "thoughtless" in assuming his children would take up his and Fyter's legacies – and perhaps "heartless" too, as he never really considered their feelings before the events of the special.

Since then however, Cora has gained the courage to seek closure on the subject with successful results. Although Nick is still a bit stiff (and admittedly antiquated), and while Cora sometimes fumbles when bringing up personal issues, he supports her Rebel Status and their father-daughter bond has strengthened for the better.

Nikole "Niki" Chopper Edit

Nikole and Cora are like air and fire: both are considered outgoing elements, but the former is known for being more lighthearted than temperamental. Both sisters tend to balance each other out, with Cora keeping Niki grounded when she starts to get clingy while Niki helps settle Cora's overthinking and restlessness. The two of them look out for weach other as much as they can, and are as close as two sisters can be.

That said, Cora would be lying is she said that she wasn't just a little bit envious. Even when they were little Niki had an easier time making friends, and even now Cora wishes that she could emulate the warm and cheerful demeanor that a lot of students (let alone her Winkie subjects) don't think she has. Nonetheless, Cora refuses to let this dampen her loving sisterhood.


Barley Edit

Cora met the next Scarecrow of Oz when he literally crashed into her upon arriving at school via wishing well teleportation (as described in the Ever After High novels). Despite the crash-and-meet, the odd duo managed to become friends. Barley admires the girl for her thick skin, generosity, and strong will; meanwhile Cora finds his optimism and quirky mannerisms especially endearing, and though his lack of experience sometimes concerns her, he puts his best efforts into being her BFFA.

After the events of Legacy Day (although before WtW), for a while there was an elephant in the room. Barley initially didn't understand the concerns with her destiny, and assumed that that having a kick-butt tin body/potentially ruling over Winkie Country was more than enough to make up for any losses she might have. Things on that subject had been bit rocky, but they both remained friends nonetheless.

Once Wonderland was restored, however, Barley finally began to have closure with her. The two had a lengthy, difficult, yet well-needed talk about their views on destiny that lead to Barley explaining how the neglect faced from the Munchkin farmer he was staying with had affected his views on destiny. When she used her connections to help Scarecrow gain custody with Barley, hisfriendship with Cora grew closer than ever.

The two of them are exceptionally protective of each others' well being, their (platonic, though) strong bond for each other transcending the Royal-Rebel conflict.

Daulius Song Edit

Rambunctious robotics nerds who like robots, robutts, and butts.

Acquaintances Edit

Griselle Damgaard Edit

After shooing away her duckling cousins. Griselle initially brushed Cora off, mentioning that she (Grisey) could have easily done the same without help. Yet the tin man's daughter kept turning up in her vicinity despite the other girl's irk, until she was finally convinced in time that she didn't just defend her out of pity, but out of genuine concern unrelated to her story. Though the two exchange in friendly banter from time to time neither see each other as particularly close, seeing each other as "school friends" or friendly acquaintances who sometimes get into vitrolic spats.

Enemies Edit

ayyyyy empty for now


As noted, part of her destiny involves being in a relationship with the offspring of Nimmie Amee and Chopfyt, who in this case is an adolescent boy named Nemo Amee. While the future union would be short-lived due to the interference of the next Wicked Witch of the East, Cora doesn't look forward to it one bit. She hates his guts and finds no appeal in his utter laziness and sense of entitlement towards her and her sister. Cordelia lacks a strong preference for men anyway, and Nemo doesn't particularly respect her romantic leanings.

In general, Cora easily gets crushes on cute girls both at school and at Oz, with not a lot of in-between. She's currently single with an easily twitterpated heart.


Cora has taken notice of a small yellow butterfly named Henley that is sometimes seen following her around. He's her creature companion (as according to book canon, all students receive one), having come forth during the Land Of Oz's own Animal Calling. While she doesn't consider Henley a pet (she sees all animals as equals, as they are in Oz in general), Cora very much enjoys his company.



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Legacy DayEdit



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Quotation1 Look. If you see the haysack moping around, be gentle. Like, don’t poke him around and shit. And I swear if you ask him what’s wrong with his bird I will personally make sure you shoot for the moon before you even graduate. Quotation2
Cora upon showing consern for the next Scarecrow of Oz while threatening a moon-prince.
Quotation1 ...(un)fortunately he saved C.J.'s life. Dude was one dig away from getting his exoskeleton smashed like a pumpkin carriage when it spoils after midnight. Quotation2
Upon being saddened that a certain Wogglebug's son wasn't taught a valuable lesson. :<
Quotation1 I know like isn't a comma now shuttup. Quotation2
Cora being a strong, independent Ozian who don't care about your comma usage.




The Tottenhots first appear in The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum. With the name of the Tottenhots alone unfortunately being an pun on an outdated and particularly derogatory term, I very much ensure you that I’m doing my best in pulling off having Cora’s association with a controversial grouping in the series, all while dealing with them accordingly and appropriately as to make her a well developed character, rather than that of a racist caricature as they were formerly written as. If only Baum was ahead of his time when it came to representation, but it is what it is and I am willing to learn from his mistakes.

Also, something to keep in mind: after the second Oz book, Baum narrates the series from the perspective that he's retelling what Dorothy has told him about her and her friends' adventures in Oz. With that information, I'm making the interpretation that Baum had gotten certain tidbits and information wrong, and included his own biased and racialized opinions when depicting the Tottenhots in particular. Since there are plenty aspects of Ozian 'lore that tend to contradict itself anyway (Baum's worldbuilding pretty out there, to put it lightly), the likelihood isn't that far off from canon. If you have any critique or concerns about how I'm tackling this problematic aspect of Oz, feel free to comment/discuss with me and I'll be open to fix what I can.