Cookie Gingers is the daughter of the Gingerbread Man, a character in a story of the same name.


Cookieis sweet and enjoys a good day of fun. Cookie likes to run and likes her freedom, so her future is a big choice for her. Cookie can also have a bitter side sometimes, but does her best to keep this under control.


Cookie is, like her father, a cookie, with chocolate inspired hair and clothng. She likes to keep her clothes comfortable and classy enough to run in. She also has brown eyes, and warm chocolate like skin.




Parents StoryEdit

The Gingerbread Man




Jillian Stalk

​Secret Heart's DesireEdit

I want to open up a Bake Shoppe.

My "Magic" TouchEdit

I can run as fast as as I can, you can't catch me once I start running.

My Storybook RomanceEdit

I prefer to think of the relationship I have with my friends as enough.

​My "Oh Curses!" MomentEdit

I can be a bit eccentric and loud when it comes to exits and entrances.

Favorite SubjectEdit

Royal Student Council, I love to make decisions

​Least Favorite SubjectEdit

CookingClass-ic is scary for a cookie.

Best Friend Forever AfterEdit

Silver Goose and Harper Harmonia.



Silver Goose and Jillian Stalk


I have a pet horse animal cracker named Chips.

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