Quotation1 Well, that's a runaway cookie! Quotation2
- Cookie Gingerbread
 Cookie Gingerbread is the daughter of The Gingerbread Man, from the story of the same name. Her father might have died, but still likes her story if her dad is not around.


Cookie is voiced by Wendee Lee.



Cookie is kind and considerate girl. She often times gets so sad, she goes into a runaway. She has a lot of friends by her baking. She is really energetic.


Cookie has pale skin, blue eyes, purple lips, and caramel brown hair with light yellow streaks. Her hair is sometimes straight, but sometimes curly.

Fairy TaleEdit

Her fairytale is The Gingerbread Man.



Her father had died, but she has still her mother. She has a good relationship with both.


She has lots of friends, but a slight relationship between Hunter Huntsman.


During Legacy Day, Cookie got a pet named Sprinkles.


Cookie has a slight relationship with Hunter Huntsman, but on True Hearts Day, he asked to go on a date.



Cookie wears an orange no sleeved top with orange fur on the top connecting to the arms. She has an orange skirt with orange dots and orange heels. Her hair is straight.

Legacy DayEdit

She wears a white and red dress with orange bird signs and ruffles on the red skirt. She wears orange puffy sleeves and orange fur around the neck with a brown ribbon with a circle in the middle tied to the dress. Her hair is curly and she has blue earrings.


Quotation1 Do the pledge! Quotation2
- Cookie Gingerbread
Quotation1 Come on, she isn't evil! Quotation2
- Cookie Gingebread
Quotation1 Hah, they like you! Quotation2
- Cookie Gingerbread
Quotation1 I wont question my pledge. Quotation2
- Cookie Gingerbread
Quotation1 Why are you two so alike? Quotation2
- Cookie Gingerbread

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