This my first Duck fanfic, and it's based off of certain wedding thread coming up.

The Beginning To A Big Mess Edit

Hi. I'm Duck (You can call me Celle Goosefeathers, my real name, but that won't be a good idea unless you like goo dumped on your head). I was chosen to be the wedding planner for Grimm and Yaga's wedding. Mainly because they believe that I am poised, creative, and fast to work. And because they don't know me too well.

1. I won't be poised at all, that is keeping it short.

2. They probably won't appreciate my creativity. What's wrong with a unicorn jumping out of the cake? I will never know.

3. By fast, I will be debating the decorations with myself 3/4 the way through. Then I will realize how little time I have left, and throw it together.

It will be beautiful.


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