Quotation1 Pretty Please! Just one more wish! I promise I'll get it right! Quotation2
Cole, after messing up a wish

Cole is the Daughter of The Genie, one of the Tritagonist from Aladdin. She is very good with spell casting but she is still getting used to wishes. Wish for a puppy you become a werewolf.



Like Her Father she loves to have fun, is very hyper.  She loves playing tricks on people and sometimes gets their wishes wrong on purpose. She does this is because she thinks its too funny to see people get mad when they're wish comes out wrong. She has a big heart and a giant sense of humor. When her friends are down she will probably cheer them up with a joke.

On the other hand she can be very serious. She can seriously help people by trying to get their wishes right but she cant tell who she shouldnt let wishes, since she is very trusting. She can also get very angry at times when she gets an easy wish wrong.  .


She is slender with light blue skin. She has chocolate brown eyes, red lips and point ears. She wears a berry colored top with matching pants. She wears genie like shoes and gold cuff on her arms. Her hair is usually in a ponytail but sometimes is let down.  

Fairy TaleEdit

Main Article: Aladdin



Jolie Beast can be considered her friend but it is too early to tell. 

Pets Edit

She has a white cat with a pink ribbon on its neck.


She is Dating Alex Pan


Quotation1 Whatever you do don't rub my lamp! Quotation2
Cole warning others about what could happen
Quotation1 Jolie! Will you stop crying already! Quotation2
Cole, hanging out with Jolie
Quotation1 She should just be lucky I didn't put any frog in her soup! Quotation2
Cole, upset at one of the students


  • Cole usually has her hair covering one eye
  • If Cole was in the webisoeds she would be voiced by Naya Rivera
  • Cole can choose to be a human since her mother is a mortal but she dosent know it yet.
  • Cole has a twin sister named Gigi 
  • The Reason why Cole Skin is blue is because it is a pun. Blue is usually for boys so it seems she would be a tomboy but she is really a big girly girl
  • Cole's Birthday is February 19

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