Quotation1 Being the son of the Big Bad Wolf doesn't mean I want to be the Big Bad Wolf! Quotation2
Cody's Personal Quote.
                     Cody Wolf

Personality and skillsEdit

Cody Wolf is really friendly for a wolf. He is quick and strong and always ready to assure others that he is really harmless- except when the full moon comes! On the full moon Cody runs around like a wolf, looking for some prey, on the full moons, Headmaster Grimm allows Cody to go into the woods so everyone in Ever After High and The Village of Book End is safe. Cody is a strong character but is a total duffer when it come to work, you could give him some thronework and it comes back with half of what you want and nearly all of it wrong.Cody is even dumber when he's worried about something. Cody exels at P.E though, as he is a wolf he can do exercises swiftly and can finish 10 laps in 3 minutes flat!

Appeareance and styleEdit

Cody has hair that is woody brown and eyes of the same color with a darker ring around them, his hair is styled in  bangs and covers par of his left and right eyes and is slightly long. He has visible fangs and pale skin.



His dad is The Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs.


He hangs with Sir Dylan White II, Harry White, but seriously, Snowline and Bunny are the only ones who actually get him.


He has a pet Husky called Fang


Bunny Ticktock has a crush on him. And he somewhat shares the same feelings, but is afraid of bunny might say if he admits his crush on her.



A red hoodie with jeans and red hightops,

Legacy day:Edit





Quotation1 Meat for my appetizer, Meat for my main course and meat for dessert. Quotation2
Cody saying what he wanted for dinner
Quotation1 Just cause I'm a wolf doesn't mean I'm going to eat you! Quotation2
Cody talking to Dexter Charming
Quotation1 Bye! I have to go, the full moon's almost at its highest! Quotation2
Cody on a full moon

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