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"Watch out for me, im the type to not give up"

Clove dragon is the daughter of the three dogs dragon and younger sister to dame dragon and a rebel due to her love for music and due to not wanting to end up being slayed in her unknown tale or wanting to be a unknown face.

Character Edit

Personality: I love to do daring stuff and fly around a lot, but I keep getting in trouble for playing pranks on people, I cant help but not resist a chance to prank someone as payback for doing something to me or my friends. I'm quite loyal to my friends, no one hurts them and gets away for it. I do argue with dame a lot due to us being royal and rebel, and also he knows his tale, I don't.

Appearance: I have green eyes and a weird green color hair which I leave down and I have 2 horns on my head from dad and I have my dads wings on my back which are green and I have a green spiked tail and I mostly wear green.

Fairytale: Unknown Edit

I don't know my fairy tale, its my brother who will become the dragon in dads story, which means I will be another dragon in another story which upsets me since I wont be me or dads tale and no one will tell me my tale.

Alliance Edit

I'm a rebel since I think people should choose their destiny then be forced to do something they don't want to do, though I look forward to finding out my tale, I want to choose my own destiny and do what I love, flying, not a career choice, but pulling pranks is not on the job list.

Outfits Edit

Normal: I wear dark green shirt with pale color skirt that has a green layer on it with a gold line on the bottom and I wear dark green leggings and I wear a light mixture dark green jacket that has gold linings on the cuffs and I wore a blue belt, I have my hair down.

Legacy day: I wore a green dress since I will be a dragon in my unknown story and I wore some green stripped socks with green trainers and I had my hair down again, I did not wear a cape due to my wings getting in the way.

Getting fairest: I wore my hair tied into a ponytail and wore a long sleeved dark green shirt with a light green stripped shirt on top and I wore a gold colored skirt and I wore some green laced boots.

Throne coming: I am going to wear a Dark green dress with layered skirt like bottom that's light green with green trainers, cant afford heels, don't have pocket money since I lost a bet to dame with my money, and I will have my hair curled with a green crown. I have this Green mask picked out to match.

Basic look revamp: Clove is now a lighter green hair girl, mostly wearing it in pony tails, and wears a dark green hat with a blue 'A' on it, her horns through her hat, she has a light green long sleeved shirt along with a dark green red stripped tie and a dark green skirt with a brown belt and gold buckle in the middle, some dark blue leggings and some lighter doc martins with green laces.

Notes Edit

  • Cloves middle name is fire.
  • Clove and her brother do get along but argue a lot due to her being rebel and him royal.
  • Clove has a pet dragon named apple which is red like apples.
  • She was inspired by Dexter charming, Dragons and poppy O'Hair.
  • Her birthday is on her brothers, making people think they twins but clove was born on dames 2nd birthday, making him 2 years older then her.

Trivia Edit

  • Cloves tale in unknown.
  • She shares her brothers birthday.
  • She is in the stories The past of the family of snow and Flames of courage by pinks64831
  • She was in the food fight and flew around the room, dodging the food being thrown at her.
  • She is mostly seen as a sister type by her friends due to her nature.
  • She and dame are known to be around when buildings are being built and end up helping by lifting the pieces to the workers above.

gallary Edit

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