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I don't understand Baby, Baby understands me.

— On his relationship with his dog

'Classified' is the son of the youngest son from the tale, Puss in Boots



Classified is a fairy cheerful and optimistic young fellow, and almost always caught with a smile. His only goal in life are to make Baby, his pet dog, happy. The canine's delight is the only thing he needs to be cheerful.

He's not the most sociable person around, being very quiet and making his entire life quite a mystery to most. He doesn't prefer to reveal things about himself, such as his fairytale destiny, family, or even his name. He answers questions in a very vague manner, leaving people questioning with an incomplete response. He tends to shut himself out, not wanting anything to do with the world around him. He often resorts to isolation when it comes to group projects, activities, and other undertakings that involved having to work with others.

He also shows no care for leaving other's possessions alone. Whenever he comes across anything that interests him, he picks it up and takes it as his own, stating that he simply "found it." He will literally take ANYTHING, even children. 

Classified also has an amazing FPA (Fairy Point Average). He is tremendously educated, exceeding hexpectations in every one of his classes. Since his very first day at school, he has gotten 100% on everything, and about a quarter of the time it is above that feat. But, he does not care much about his grades or education. It just so happens that he was born a prodigy, and improved his skills over the years which his activities.

He's pretty innocent, and doesn't tend get himself into trouble. He simply just likes to make his dog happy. Although he is technically stealing whatever whenever he wants, he truly doesn't know any better. He wasn't raised with much sentiment, so his parents didn't bother to teach him right from wrong.

Overall, he's surprisingly a greatly likeable person, and most either enjoy his company, or simply don't mind his presence. He isn't here to bother anyone, and doesn't really get himself involved, so it never shows him as something bad. Because he is usually smiling, people find him more approachable. But, he is not the easiest to talk to, because he doesn't like to share too much. But he almost never interrupts, so you can speak more freely. 



This young man has light brown hair with dark brown ends and nice, welcoming but mysterious round, blue eyes. He is kind of tan, and a bit taller than the average student. Despite his small height difference, he looks quite childlike. He has a tiny amount of dark freckles upon his checks. He wears pretty casual clothes most of the time, in the colors of white, blue, and some light green, regardless of his destiny. 

His hair is short and usually in a cute, slightly shaggy style. His nose is quite square and he is pretty thin. Class has rounded fingers and angular head with smooth, blocky edges.

He usually wear clothing giving off a childish and innocent feeling.

TBC probably

Hobbies & InterestsEdit

One word place holders:







Playing with Baby


He honestly doesn't care about the destiny conflict in any way at all, finding it a huge waste of time. He knows he doesn't want anything to do with his story, but he sides as a Neutral instead of a Rebel because of his lack of care for including himself in such nonsense.

Fairytale - Puss in BootsEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

Summary of Puss in Boots

How "Classified" Fits Into ItEdit

"Classified" is destined to be the next youngest of the three sons in his story. However, instead of featuring three sons, his generation will include three cousins, who will inherit their uncle's belongings.

Thoughts on DestinyEdit

He couldn't possibly care less about the his story.


Classified spends all his time with a dog, and one without footwear, instead of the situation of the third son, where he spent all his time with a cat in shoes. 

He "shows no care for leaving other's possessions alone" and takes an object that he finds fascinating, parallels the third son gaining his wealth from others.


That's classified.
Haha, nah, I'll tell you. 

Born into a rich family in a castle, Classified was pretty much free to do whatever he liked, without much supervision. His father was constantly busy, working with whatever task. Father would send the maids to watch Class, who did pretty awful jobs at it. Class never minded, and simply just played with the animals that were in the castle courtyard for amusement. After a while, Class simply felt more comfortable around animals. 

His father spent so much time away from his son, he couldn't recall the boy's name. Whenever his son gathered up enough courage to shamefully ask for his own name, the father would act like he knew, and say with a chuckle, "It's Classified." The boy sadly grew up thinking his name was actually "Classified". Heck, Class didn't even know his own destiny until he was booted off to Ever After High.

Class had come to despise his father for being so distant, and not even telling him that he was supposed to 've preparing for a his big destiny. But, Class thought fulfilling his destiny meant ignoring his children, so he definitely didn't want anything to do with it. Once he got the Ever After High, he realised how stupid he found the destiny conflict, and just pushed himself out of it. But, he promised the animals that he would stay happy when he was gone, so they didn't have to worry about him.

While taking his carriage to Ever After, he saw a poor, lonely puppy on the rode, and commanded the coachman to stop it. He took it in, and found an immediate connection. When Class found that the dog was benefited when he found it, be thought that finding things was good overall, which is why be does it now.


This boy likes to keep his name classified for unknown reasons. If you ask for his name, be will respond with simply "Classified." He is also called Class, and Classy, for short.



Baby's joy is the only satisfaction I'll ever need.
Baby is Classified's one and only pet, who he loves more than anything in this Fairytale World that he lives in. Baby is a very small, shaggy little mutt with light dirty blonde fur and long, fluffy ears. It has a short tail, and it's head is kind of big.  Baby is almost always wearing a bow of some sort, most of the time on its head. She has big, light green eyes and is assumed to be a girl. Classified never gives away the gender of his beloved pooch, so we are left here only to make educated guesses.

Baby is his pet dog, whom he devotes his life to. He does anything and everything to make her happy, and enjoys her company. If Baby is happy, than he is happy, and that's all he really needs in life. He always thinks of her before himself, spoiling her rotten, feeding her human food, letting her have a king sized bed all to herself, and more ridiculous bestowals to this pampered pup. He even got the school to allow the pet to be with him anywhere in the school.

He never goes anywhere without Baby, which means he doesn't get to go to a lot of places. He and Baby are usually outdoors, in dog parks an such, or inside his dorm room. Baby finds it a little upsetting when she can't go to places, so Classified has developed a skill set including professional cooking, building, engineering, and many more expertise he has gathered over the years. 

Classified is successful at his attempts to bring pleasure to his dog, because Baby enjoys herself greatly when she is around her owner, or rather, her best friend. He always seems to know what ever she wants, whenever she wants it. They have an unbreakable bond with one another, and she understands his endeavor to make her gratified.

So, basically, the dog is his life and his life is the dog. Most likely TBC.


He is hextremely distant with his family, hardly ever spending any time with them at all. He doesn't even care to meet his cousins, and they barely know of each other in any way. TBC.


I am very thankful ; o ; to whoever comes around to befriend this guy, but anyways, TBA.





Class-ic ScheduleEdit



Oh, look at this Mirror Phone just lying around in the mall.

Yay! Sleepover! Hooray! Oh my fairy godmother! Yes! This is absolutely amazing! Simply spell-tastic! I'm so happy you came! Now we can play sleepover games! And play with Baby! And sleep! And stay up late! And have the times of our lives! This is great!

— His sleepover happiness


— Seriously, don't touch his dog.


  • Classified sleeps on the floor of his dorm, so Baby can sleep in his large, comfy bed.
  • No one has ever seen him eat, but EVERYONE has seen this guy feed Baby whole table-fulls of food. 
  • He states that he "found" Baby, his pet dog.
  • He also states he "found" his Mirror Phone and Mirror Pad.



Great thanks to Hiddenfolk who suggested the story and parallels! 

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