I don't understand Baby, Baby understands me.

He claims his name is "Classified," and referred to as "Class" or "Classy" by few, but it's unknown what his original name was. He is the son of the Third Son from Puss in Boots, but has a terribly detached relationship with his father he finds frustrating and confusing. As a result of this, he's quite distant from all people in his life, creating great bonds with the many animals around him instead. He's quiet, but not shy, just not too keen on interacting with others. He's also considered rather strange as he isn't exactly caught up on what the social norms are.




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"Magic Touches" & Abilities

Most would consider Classified's great and almost immediate connection with animals a unique ability, similar to a fair princess's relationship with woodland creatures and small birds. This is merely just a habit of interaction he's developed from spending just about his whole life with animals. His family's got a spell on it, one that allows the youngest son of each generation gather and keep objects of use with undeniable ease without almost any repercussions. You see, Class is known for just picking up any item he finds interesting and simply sticking it in his bag. He seems to have no understanding of personal belonging or, frankly, theft. Class finds so many animals because they're of use to him. Now, not in a way one might think of using animals, but because he lacks almost any personal connection with other people. The one person he does have a deep connection with is his father, which is the reason Class pushes people out and avoids them all together. That being said, if Class ever finds he wants to be around people, he'll have no trouble finding people that suit him well.



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  • Class is a vegetarian.



  • Great thanks to Hiddenfolk who suggested the story and parallels!!