Clarion Holle is the daughter of Mother Holle from the Grimm fairytale of the same name.

She is a Rebel. She is hexcited to follow her destiny but she believes in free choice. One thing struck Clarion; she is destined to return someone to that someone's family with pitch covering her. Fearful doing this (even if that someone deserved it), this is another reason to why she rebels against the destiny system.




Clarion is the intelligent type. She thinks outside the box and is conscious about her grades. Clarion is nerdy and have a wide range of interests, from romance novels to C.A Cupid's old school. 

Clarion, around her friends, is quick, fun, comedic. She plays around with them, trying to make them feel boosted. Sometimes it can go out of hand that it just makes them feel bad and Clarion feel guilty.

Clarion's negative traits include dishonesty; when she is asked something while she is panicking, she will lie. Stingy; she is always wanting to save. She is jumpy. Every time it's a major problem (e.g exams) she will panic despite of her intellect. 



Clarion's only family member is her mother to which her mother avoids Clarion. This is because Mother Holle is suffering from depression brought about from the drowning accident of Clarion's older sister. Mother Holle never talks to her or even eat dinner with her. 


Clarion's BFFAs are Jessa Selle and Azalea Clayton. They hang out like friends would normally do. 

Clarion met Jessa way back in nursery rhyme school as field trip buddies to Wonderland. Since then, coincidences started happening, making them field trip buddies (to Neverland), lab buddies, and camping buddies, as if the story is written that way, having them to be BFFAs.

Jessa introduced Azalea to Clarion but Azalea's personality and Clarion's personality clashes at most. Due to this, they consider themselves friendenemies for Jessa Selle.

Clarion's roomate is Paula Coline Muffet. Paula Coline's horrible reputation has caused Clarion to be scared or silent around her. Even more scared when Paula Coline returned to her dorm after the events of A Fableous Crown For A Muffet. But after some good is seen, Clarion started warming up to her.


Clarion doesn't have a pet because she believes that she isn't that responsible. Her previous pet died while on a walk in the enchanted forest. They were exploring a nearby cave and Clarion heard her pet screeched. She frantically looked for her but couldn't. Several days later, the authorities found it dead.


Clarion doesn't have any romantic interests, what-so ever as she is hard to impress. Clarion has read countless romance novels and knows that love is more complicated than that, so she isn't willing to find anyone just yet.

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