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A New SchoolEdit

Ever After High is new to me. I just graduated from middle school and I turned 15 weeks ago. However, I think I am too big for this thing. I am taller than most students and it stinks. You know what else stinks? My friend, Sabrina may cease to exist because of Celeste! That is awful!

Chapter 1Edit

During Orientation, I had to sit next to Rosetta. I was fascinated until me and other big students (including the meanie who blocked Rosetta's view) were asked to move to the back row so the tiny students could see. I thought that wasn't fair until I saw that I was blocking a shorter student's view.

Chapter 2Edit

This year I want to shrink myself so I won't go through things I go through now. It may be hard but I will do it! Also, it should be against the law to have big people like me move to the back row but, I know that won't happen(I wish it would).