Christa Midas is the daughter of King Midas from "King Midas and the Golden Touch". She is currently not dating, but her father encourages her to date a Royal. Christa's parents do not know she is a Rebel and she knows that if they figure out they will make up some kind of punishment. She knows this punishment will be bad because her parents are royalty.

Portrayal Edit

Brittney Karbowski would have a perfect voice for Christa! Brittney voices Wendy Marvell in Fairy Tail (2011); an anime TV series created by Funimation. Wendy has a shy, cracky kind of voice and being the age that Christa is that would be a great voice for her!

Willow Shields

In live action, Willow Shields would be perfect for Christa!

In live action Willow Shields would be perfect for Christa; with golden blonde hair, tan skin and brown eyes. She is also the same age as Christa which would be perfect considering height.

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