Cherry Nottingham is the daughter of the Sheriff of Nottingham. She is a royal, due to the fact that she's obsessed with money, and loves the idea of collecting taxes.


Cherry is very egotistical, and does not care for anyone, except for James Plantage, whom she has a crush on, and as James crushes on Renn`e Lionheart, an unknown love triangle has occurred. She is very power-hungry, and is determined to let no one, especially Matilda Hood or Sparrow Hood, get in her way. Just like her father, she is extremely vicious, although faithful to King John and James.


Cherry has short, black hair, and almost white skin. She is a true beauty, but her personality keeps people away. She wears a grey dress, with a black cloak and white High Heels. Her dark eyes can scare anyone away, and her jewelry sparkles gloomily wherever she goes.

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