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Cherrie Esel is the daughter of one of the kids trapped in Toyland (from the Adventures of Pinnochio) and is the sister of Larry Esel, Gary Esel, Lauren Esel, and the many othet Esel kids. Cherrie is a bit of a blatant jenny who acts as if she's something big, but is also a bit insecure about her flaws. She may act a bit blunt about other's feelings, and would often risk her joints just to pull of some wicked and daredevil moves, injuring herself in the process. One of her many weaknesses is her nose-blindness, meaning she can't smell anything at all. She would often forget about her nose-disability, and when she would finally snap back to reality, she would say that there's nothing wrong. Cherrie cares deeply for her family, even her abusive father. She would somehow put up with her father and many brother's actions, yet seem a bit harsh about it. She also has a bit of an attitude, and is often described as 'street crap' by her father.

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As mentioned above, Cherrie is a bit of a blatant jenny who would act as if she's some big thing, yet she is also a bit insecure about her flaws. She would sometimes act a bit insecure and blunt about other's feelings when she's talking, but that's one of her flaws. Cherrie takes joy in teasing others, but she really doesn't mean it. When she's not shredding on her board, she's usually high-fiving others, just for the heck-of-it. When she high-fives others, she doesn't like to be left hanging, and would wait (im)patiently for the person to high-five her (it should also be noted that she gives borderline painful ones). Cherrie is also a bit impatient at times, and somewhat competitive when it comes to shredding.

Other than being competitive, blunt, and blatant, she is also very caring towards her family members and loved ones, and would do anything to protect them. She doesn't really care much about looks, and relies on the personality. It is said in her bio that she has a disability where she can't smell anything; it is unknown if she was borned with it or got it. Sometimes Cherrie would forget about her nose-blindness and go ahead and smell something, but when she realize what's she is doing, she'll try to play it cool and make sure no one notices.

Cherrie's 'radical'-ness is actually an act and isn't naturally like this. She does this so she won't have to deal with stress and the fact that she has been abused by her father many times (yet she still puts up to him). Her real personality is that she is insecure (like mentioned above), fear, and often relying on her brother (when she really doesn't). She is quite intelligent when she wants to be, and is also independent too, needing no one's help (though she only asks for help of she needs to know the scent of something).


Cherrie has fair, yet pale skin, shoulder-length and styled upward, orange-like auburn (though it does contain a more darker hue) hair and/or mane, brown donkey-ears, turquoise eyes, and a brown tail with a speck of hair at the end (that is the same color as her mane/hair). Her donkey form would have brown skin (fur?), a mane styled in a similar way as her human-form hair, and a tail with hair that is the same color as her hair/mane.

Interests and HobbiesEdit

Cherrie's most notable interests are usually shredding on her board, recording her stunts, gaming, and doing sick stunts on her board. She is a bit indifferent about herself getting hurt in the progress, and thinks that it was worth getting hurt. Cherrie likes to shred on her board with her boyfriend Goslin (who used to be a good shredder until he had a bit of an accident), and would often play video games with him. Other than that, she also enjoys shredding with her older brother Larry, and often enjoys teasing him and playing around with him.

Fairy tale – The Adventures of PinocchioEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

Main article - The Adventures of Pinocchio

How does Cherrie come into it?Edit

One of the survivors of Toyland (Harry Esel) had decided to marry and hook up with a female survivor (Cherry Esel; Cherrie's almost-namesake). The two then bred and had many foals (the oldest being an Esel named Sherri). A fifth foal was then born, and the mother decided to name her "Cherrie", after herself. Cherrie developed her love for skating and shredding from her older brother Larry, and admires him greatly. After her mother died, she grieved and couldn't skate right for some time.



Cherrie's mother and father are Cherry and Harry Esel, while the mother is currently, erm, dead. She loved her mom dearly and was proud of her name being similar to her's, but became very torn up by the fact that she had died (from an accident involving stairs). Like mentioned above, Cherrie would refuse to pick up her board and skate. After her mother's death, Harry started to abuse and sexually harassed his children (Cherrie having a few too many scars from that, which she hides), yet Cherrie would still put up with him. Along with her parents, Cherrie has many siblings, a few of them being this guythis jennythis other guy, and this other jenny; Cherrie has many other siblings, and she herself is the fifth foal to be born. She has a aunt named Donya, who is a lazy, couch-potato that Cherrie doesn't bother talking to her. Cherrie also never forgets any one of her siblings and knows that every one of them are alive.

Larry EselEdit

Cherrie and Larry seem to compete on who gets to be the most radical donkey alive, but they get along greatly. Larry was the reason she had decided to shred, and admires him greatly, but is sometimes embarrassed by him whenever he does something stupid. Other than that, they get along greatly, and enjoy teasing eachother for the fun of it (she may or may not be jealous for him having a strong bond with their dad ). Whenever Larry is drunk, Cherrie would be the one to sober him up a bit (or at least try to).

Garry EselEdit

Cherrie is always there for her other older brother and admires his moxy. Garry admires his younger sister and thinks she is amazing, but is a bit jealous of how close she is to his twin brother. 

Lauren EselEdit

She and Lauren get along fairly well, though Lauren usually approaches her sister in caution (just in case), and then asks her about her boyfriend (Goslin) if he's real. The two jennies tend to consider eachother as 'the only normal ones', too.


It is said that her boyfriend is her friend in her profile, but she has more friends who are probably gamers and skateboarders themselves. (open for requests, must be compatible ocs)


During her Legacy Year, she summoned up a minx (a type of ferret-like animal) in the Enchanted Forest, who has a daredevil-like nature, just like Cherrie herself. She named the minx 'Figo', which is Italian for 'rad'. Cherrie and Figo enjoy shredding, and she enjoys cuddling with him.


Though it may seem a bit surprising, Cherrie has a boyfriend named Goslin Duckling, who is the son of the Ugly Duckling. Cherrie cares deeply for Goslin, and often worries about him, ever since his 'accident', which he sustained damage to his brain. She blames herself for not saving him earlier, but Goslin (when he's not acting a bit jumpy or freaking out a bit) would often tell her that everything will be okay. Cherrie and Goslin like to play video games and skateboard together, but since Goslin's accident, he can't skate like he used to.


Cherrie often wears her clothes with colors such as bright teal, bright red, regular red, and some black colors. She keeps her style as sporty-like and skater-like as possible, and whenever she wears a jacket, coat, or sweater, she wraps it around her waist. Whenever possible, she'll also put on a pair of square-shaped red shades, just to look 'cool'.


Cherrie wears a black t-shirt with a bright teal-colored vest with a v-neck over it. She wears black denim-shorts with a small rip on the right part, and has a burgundy-colored jacket wrapped around her waist. Cherrie also wears a pair of bright red socks and bright red high-heeled boots (with bright teal accents), and a pair of bright red, fingerless gloves (with teal wrist bands over the gloves). Her accessories include a burgundy scarf and a pair of square-shaped red shades, which she puts on whenever she has the chance.

Legacy DayEdit


Getting FairestEdit


  • She would have an extensive memory of her family members, and remember each one of her relative's name.


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