Checkmate is a fanfiction created by CreativeMadness.


Guenevere Galatea ~ The main female character in the story who finds her true love by the help of Cupid.

Acis White-Knight ~ The main male character who finds love by the help of Roux.

Roux Red ~ A Character who helps Acis find love.

Tundra Maiden ~ A bit of a background character but she is mention a couple of times.

Briar Beauty ~ A friend of Blondie who prepares a date for Guenevere and Acis.

Blondie Lockes ~ A friend of Cupid and Brair, she records the date of Guenevere and Acis and she uploaded it to her mirror show.

C. A. Cupid ~ A friend of Blondie, who help Guenevere find love, she also has a mirror show for love.


Guenevere finds true love by the help of Cupid. She finds out that the boy she falls in love is the boy who helps her everyday.


Guenevere asks Cupid to hang out.Edit

C.A. Cupid was on her mirror cast when Guenevere Galatea called Cupid on her mirrorphone. Cupid ended her mirrorcast since it was the exact time that she always had to end it. She answered her mirrorphone. It was Guenevere, Cupid has surprised, Guenevere had never ever after called Cupid. Guenevere told Cupid that she had been very lonely and she wondered if they could hang out. Cupid said it was fine. But Cupid had other ideas. 

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