Charmaine Charisma "Min" Lexwington is a 2015-introduced fiction-only character. She is the oldest child of Charisma and Jace Wandhelm(well not Jace as such), from the story Sleeping Beauty, though they're technically part of Briar's story, i.e. bestowing baby Briar with the gifts of charisma and beauty. As for her destiny, Min has no damn clue.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Min is, well, Min. She's a sassy, angry smol with a big heart and bad decision making skills.

She loses her short temper over very small things and gets VERY angry. This anger is usually expressed through shouting and breaking glass. She's usually quite exhausted after an outburst so these don't last long and she cools down quick. Unfortunately she will hold whatever was done wrong against the person for quite a while.

In a normal polite non-stressful situation, she'll be a charming little flirt. She really does mean a lot of the things she says, and honestly thinks a lot of people are absolutely beautiful and because she's one of those people who likes being told that she's lovely, she will say these things back. Min pays compliments forward because she knows how great they feel.

Min is also notably intelligent with a lovely wall of banter. She likes a good, well-organised debate, and intelligent conversation. She can act childish and immature at times, but there's a time and place for that, which she's aware of. She's also caring and selfless to a fault.

While she can seem snarky and mean at times, Min cares far too much about her friends and family. Min tends to overthink the slightest sign of upset in her loved ones and will do anything and everything to make them happy. However, nobody else is allowed to do that for her because she will deny deserving it. She also denies being sad in general so nobody worries. (basically Zena and I discussed Min and Bas relationships and this happened idk)

She will however tell you that you upset her. By tell, I mean throw things at you, break the window, screech like a banshee, and then check that you didn't get too hurt. In all seriousness, though, if you insult her with genuine hostility (she's okay with playful teasing as long as it's all banter), or even dare look at one of her friends the wrong way, she will get extremely angry and explode. She can't stay in this state of extreme demon angry so within ten minutes she'll sink into a chair or somebody's arms and will stay there for a while.

Interests Edit

Min is legitimately good at everything, activity wise. She can run, catch, kick, throw, serve, hit, cook, skate, swim, fly, draw, do tests and everything in between, if she wants to. If she wants to being the key phrase. To most things, Min outwardly displays a don't-care attitude, but she does indeed care about her grades. It would just bruise her ego if she showed she cared. Min's interests do however stray from schoolwork.

Min would, at the end of the day, be an actress. She has the dramatic personality, the flexibility to take on different sides of a personality and as her own persona has gone through so many changes, Min would be able to act out almost any role thrown at her. Min is also a good singer and dancer, and having wings sort of takes away the need for a stunt double half the time. She also just loves working with people. Min is an extrovert, so people are her thing, as well as that, she appreciates all the details and planning gone into a movie or a play. There are no small parts, after all.

Appearance Edit

Min is pretty short. She stands at the same height as some of the kids from the Primary school, which is one hundred and fifty-four centimetres, which is around five foot one. Yes. Five foot two and a half will be her adult height. Cute little shortie.

Another defining feature is Min's unmissable three pairs of wings, as opposed to the average two. The top pair are always lifted while the bottom two droop. In this order from top to bottom, the wings are a transparent pink, purple and blue. However, they change colour to match her clothes and if they're dry, she has the ability to make them retract. If she hadn't any wings, you'd be able to tell she was of the littlefolk by looking at her pointed ears. She also has dark freckles along her nose and cheeks.

Min's skin is a light creamy brown, a couple of tones lighter than Briar's. Like if Briar stayed inside for a month or something. This contrast is probably why people call her eyes really noticeable and piercing and stare into your soul. They are a bright, vibrant electric slash azure blue (search up Vibe from Avon. It's a nail polish that is the exact colour of her eyes). If they glowed in the dark and you saw them, you would have nightmares for a week. In the daytime, her eyes look much less scary. They are big and round and innocent and have perfect dark brown lashes framing them.


Her hair is dark brown and gravity defying. It is silky and soft enough to be made into cloth for bedsheets, but it simply refuses to obey authority. It is constantly messy and falls into her eyes in the most cutely attractive way, but somehow does not mess up her vision. It reaches about mid chest and she has a right side fringe that is never pinned back in a way that you do not see it.

Senior year: Her hair is a bit longer and is curled at the bottom. It's also in pastel colours and looks frickin awesome.

Min looks good in every colour (EVERY colour) but her main theme is pastels.

The lovely lady in the picture is known as Danielle Campbell and would be Min's live action portrayer. They don't look exactly alike, but it's nothing a bit of hair messing and eye contacts won't fix, as well as the addition of wings and pointy ears. Her singing voice would be Kaylee Johnston.

Her Side of the Dorm Edit

Okay, I need to talk about this. Badly.

Min's side of she and Cin's room is pretty cool. She has an awesome four poster canopy bed which is white as cloud and is right by the window. It's also like a cloud because it floats off the ground. As a creature of the outside, Min needs her room to look like home. Dandelion fluff bed, check. The walls are painted to look like the sky. The wall facing the outside is completely windows and has a pair of white curtains. On the side of Min's bed facing the window, there is a huge pot with freaking huge rather large Bonsai trees in it. They are enough to hold a gargantuan dollhouse large enough for fairy sized Min to live in. By some magical method, the TV inside works and there is running water and electricity and air con and everything. Anything that Min touches to the magical charm on the dollhouse chimney becomes scaled to fit inside. Then she can touch the mini things to the charm once more and it becomes normal again.

Then Min has a white vanity where she stores all her makeup and hair brushes and hair stuff and perfumes and novelty scented and flavoured lip balm collection, a giant white armoir for all her clothes and a desk with built in shelves and a swivel chair (AKA the cute-ash furry spinneh chair with bunny ears and eyes on the back), white of course, where she does her Thronework and keeps her books and stationary, and a white beanbag where she plays her guitar and sings. The best thing of all is undoubtedly her carpet, which is rare grass that does not attract insects (the Headmaster wouldn't have it) and has real flowers growing out of it and yet they never die or need water or leave dirt or anything. It's magic. Even with all that stuff, Min has a lot of spare room where she does her acting.

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