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Char Drako
Character Profile
Parent Story My father is in many stories... You choose your favorite.
Age 16
Alignment royal
Roommate I don't really even stay in a room, I usually just sleep out in the forest.
Secret Heart's Desire To be heard.
My "Magic" Touch Because I'm such a wallflower I usually get to see and go places no other student has been.
Storybook Romance Status I really like duchess swan, but only as a friend. She doesn't really notice me anyways... like everybody else.
Oh "Curses!" Moments I sometimes get to worked up at the wrong times. A total fairy fail
Favourite Subject Band. It's a totally awesome totally awesome way to get my voice heard even if I can't really speak.
Least Favourite Subject Dragon Slaying... I'm terrified of it, but headmaster Grimm makes me go and I'm not the type to argue with authority.
Best Friends Forever After Alda Old, Plutarch Cavendish and Mia Mirror.

Charik Drakonite (Char Drako) is the shy son of the dragon. He was first posted in early 2014 on the EAHF wiki. This character is two years old


Char is like a kicked puppy. He's very quiet and shy, almost to the point of fearing humans. A mute, he can only talk in an animalistic range of small whimpers to loud roars, nothing that could be considered a understandable language. Although his lack of speech he can usually get his point across. He is often found in the Vault of Lost Secrets with Giles Grimm, or getting in trouble with his friend Plutarch Cavendish as Plutarch can usually understand what he is saying. He is bullied by the princes and now thinks it's a normal part of everyday life, never really fighting back, unless pushed over the edge. He is very drawn to the thought of being a villain and scaring all those who have beaten on him for so many years.


Char has messy green hair, bright yellow reptilian eyes and a pale white skin tone. He is always seen wearing a gold spiked collar around his neck. He has scaly gold-green patches of skin and long claw-like nails. As he gets older he slowly sheds more and more skin and gains more scales.  


He wears a green hoodie with gold detail, black jeans and green chuck-taylors. He also has his gold collar.

Hat-Tastic Edit

He has a blazer which is embroided with a victorian pattern, a gold crew-neck shirt, white jeans, a top hat which looks incredibley ripped apart, and green dress shoes.



He had a poor relationship with his dad, the dragon as he did not think Char was strong enough or brave enough to accomplish anything grand. His mother is unknown and he has no known siblings.


Char does not have a pet, but does enjoy the company of the woodland animals and has even been seen playing with some other students pets like Earl Grey (Maddie's Mouse) and Gala (Apple's Fox).


Though Char has no need for romance, he somewhat has a crush on Dutchess Swan. Alda Old and Fata Blue both have a small crushes on him as well.

Mirror Blog (One way he can speak.) Edit

I can't wait to go to Band practice! We're starting to sound really good.

I got to go to the Library during a spare today, Giles sends his warmest welcomes.

The whole royal / rebel debate is quite silly. Why would anyone wish to be their parents... I sure don't.

I got detention again... I really shouldn't have growled at Daring, but he was just being so... nevermind.

Trivia Edit

-His lack of speech mirrors the fact that his father had his tongue cut off.

-He is featured in the story True Love's Kiss.

-He was created long before the Dragon Games story-arch.


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Gender-bent Char


Lila Reid and Char