Quotation1 I may not have a destiny but i am still going to follow it. Even if it means breaking the rules Quotation2
Carrie's Quote

Sup. I am Carrie, daughter of one of the boys who went to Toyland in Pinocchio. I am going to follow my destiny as a kid who turns into a donkey who is sold to a ringmaster no matter what they say. I dont really give anything about that Dictator they call a Principal named Grimm. 


She would be voiced and live action portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter who plays Maya Heart in Girl Meets World



Carrie is an uncontrollable teenager. She loves to destroy things and play good to get what she wants. She was mostly raised by her older sister Sherri Esel, who gave her destiny to Larry. She is almost like a spice to Terry's sugar. 


Carrie has dirty blonde hair, hazy blue eyes, crimson donkey ears and a tail. 


The Adventures of Pinocchio

How does Carrie come into it?Edit

Carrie was born along with her sister Terry 3 years after Larry, Gary, and Lauren were born. 




Harry EselEdit

Harry Esel is Carrie's dad. 

Cherry EselEdit

Cherry is Carrie's deceased mom. 

Larry EselEdit

Larry is Carrie's rolemodel. 

Gary EselEdit

Gary is someone who Carrie tries to avoid. 

Lauren EselEdit

Carrie doesnt even know she exists. 

Terry EselEdit

Terry is Carrie's unlookalike twin sister, and her arch rival. 

Sherri EselEdit

Sherri is the oldest Esel kid in the family, who gave her destiny to Larry since she was too old for the part. 


Romance Edit


  • Birthday on June 27. 

Theme SongEdit