Quotation1 Anything can happen! Quotation2
From the song "Anything Can Happen" by Ellie Golden.
Candy is the hyper daughter of the Witch from Hansel and Gretel. She is as you can say a sugar addict, she loves candy, sweets, treats, and anything sugary! It may be bad for some student's health but it isn't for Candy, she was made for this stuff. 



Candy has a personality of a girl that ate gallons of sugar. Which Candy does everyday so she is practically always hyper and excited. Candy does carry candy and sweets in her purse(like Maddie does with her hat). She is very fun and excited about everything. Candy enjoys making people laugh and smile, it what keeps her living in life. Her hard life with so many siblings makes her strong, brave, smart, and fun.

The only thing that Candy is really scared of is the dark. She may have lived in the forest but she does have a fear of being in the dark. It makes her feel tiny and it makes her hide in a corner and hug her knees. Candy had a bad past about the dark and dark things since one of her siblings always scared her.


Candy has light pink hair that's in a fishtail braid. On her hair are some candy accessories. Her eyes are purple and her lips are a peppermint color. Candy has a candy accessory on her face that's under her right eye.


Hansel and Gretel is a German fairytale that was published in 1812 by The Brothers Grimm.





Candy has a large family. She has about 20 family members plus herself. She has a twin named Mint Gullveig and he is in EAH. She also has a little sister that attends EAH, her names Pepper Gullveig. Candy has 19 siblings that are all made of baking material, candy, or treats that are sweet!


Candy has plenty of friends since she is so friendly, energetic, and fun. Her main friends are Crimson Fox Hood, Aqua Nixie, and her twin, Mint Gullveig. Candy's Besties are Lady Swan who is her training to be a great skater roommate and W. Circe West who is her witchy friend from Middle Witch School.


Candy has a pet cat named Topping. She found Topping when Topping stole bread from the house. Candy loved Topping ever since the day she caught her and shared the bread with her.


Since Candy is friendly and fun, she doesn't have any enemies but she knows that people may hate her for being the life of the party and getting attention.


Candy isn't into love since her only love right now is her family, friends, and her sweets! She loves them all and she is happy with what she has.



Legacy DayEdit


Quotation1 All of this sugar and spice isn't always nice! Quotation2
Candy when students annoy the cupcakes out of her.


  • Candy doesn't know that a girl likes her.
  • Candy's birthday is April 13



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