Quotation1 This is gonna be hexellent plan, Evie Quotation2
When Candace plans to protect Barbara from Duchess' evil plan against her

Andrea Candace North is the daughter of the Good Witch of the South, a deuteragonist in the classic story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and she is a student of Ever After High. Her mother is the ruler of the Oz so Candace is a Royal through and through.


In english she was voiced by Siobhan Flynn(I am searching the Marvel vs Capcom 3 castings).

Soibhan is a Welsh actress and voice-over with roles in both video game and anime. For example Laura in Hellsing ,Yumie Takagi in Hellsing ultimate, Wendy Earheart in  Read or Die the TV and Morrigan Aesland in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of two worlds/Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.



When she was at the Legacy Day plaza she was happy to follow her mom's path to be the next Good Witch. She is very clumsy and still remember when Mr Piper carried a pile of paper and she accidently hit his face with her locker. She's a talented, good natured witch who can sometimes be a bit flippant.


Candace has fair skin,a golden blonde wavy hair and pink eyes. She wears a puffy sleeved dress mixing in ivory and white, light gold bangles and light yellow shoes.



She is only the daughter of the Good Witch.


She hanging out with Evie McCursed and Lilith McDoll.


Her mom gave a white puppy named Ivory.


She has no love interest at the moment.


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