Camp Fairytale is a fanfiction created by MonsterGirl2002.


The staff of Ever After High finally brightened up and had a spell-tastic idea for a major school field trip- camping! Now some students might not like camping but this location is the best in the storybook universe- Camp Fairytale! So this is basically what happens during their field trip but yes, there will be drama, comedy, probably romance (I don't really know) and stuff that you can surely expect from the Ever After High students!


Narcissa Demonic

Jalissa Baum

Tessa Turchese

Marlin Baum

Connor Crackatook

Meredith Zeemeermin

Opeline Tunnel

Ozelda Tarius

Landon Liddell

Aldarick Princessen

Almanda Seed

Aria Turchese

Jabby Wocky

(You can ask in the comments if I can put your characters in. But three girls and two boys per user, please! ^^)


Chapter OneEdit


Chapter TwoEdit


Chapter ThreeEdit



  • Once the message under the list of characters is removed, no one is allowed to ask for their characters to join in the fanfiction. 

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