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Calista Gilded is the daughter of Marigold from the story King Midas and the Golden Touch. She is a royal but she isn't satisfied by the lucky chance of being an only child and having to live in a castle after ruling a land. Calista is kind and caring girl who prefers to have two sides of personalities, one is being mature and headstrong and the other is just having fun and enjoy her time doing what she desires. 

Calista is created by SabbyFangirl24, but was adopted by Mishachu Tubby

Read her diary here.


Ariana Grande would be Calista's voice actress, having the perfect sound of a fun and serious person from time to time, fitting in Calista's voice.

Bella Thorne is a great portrayal for Calista as she has orange hair, rosy cheeks and played the role of Cece Jones from Disney's Shake it Up; her attitude, personality and lifestyle fits Calista's fun side perfectly. 



Calista could be a calm and quiet girl once you see her but when you actually meet her, she is a package full of fun and adventures. She prefers not to always be so serious and mature as she claims that it will ruin her lifestyle and the meaning of "fun". She tends to be clumsy yet amusing to talk to. She is sweet and kind, always there for her loved ones and prefers to be honest and say what's on her mind than sucking it all up and not talking about it. 

When Calista is mature and serious, she isn't always the brightest student to be around. People tend to call her "blunt" or "boring" and that what made Calista realize that if she wanted to actually socialize with people, she had to be fun and outgoing. She figured out that if she wanted to be fun, she had to hang out with people who are fun, so she befriended Briar Beauty and Madeline Hatter and then grew a fond of acting immature and mischief that she started hanging out with more and more people like that and ended up quite popular with the Royals and the Rebels. 

However, once you get on Calista's fun side, it's like a roller-coaster ride. She is always attending parties, activities and fun-raisers of any sort. She is always up to something at the end of the day and never wants to stop. She is always ready to get on adventures and tends to take risks. 


Calista has orange hair and emerald green eyes. She has fair skin but her finger-tips are tanner like gold. Her head is smooth by all edges and her cheeks are rather rosy, just like mother.



Queen Marigold is Calista's mother, who married a prince. Calista does not have any siblings, meaning she is an only child but desires to have one, even though they are annoying. King Midas is Calista's grand-father and expects a lot of her as she is the next Queen Midas, after her mother; however, Calista isn't a big fond of her grand-father since she thinks that he is still quite selfish and notices how much gold he would wear when he visits her and Queen Marigold. She sometimes tends to open the subject about King Midas and his obsession with gold but her mother would always say that talking about her grand-father that way is not polite and not princess-like.


Briar Beauty, Sylvi Robber and Candy Wickens are Calista's best friends. Briar and Calista have been friends ever since the first day of school while Candy was childhood friends with Calista. She is acquaintences with Apple White, even though she is not a big fond of her, nor does she think that Apple has the right to convince Raven to become the next Evil Queen. Chōyaku Usagi is very good friends with Calista and the two tend to spend their time together by doing mischief or just simply having fun.

Candy Wickens is Calista's roommate, and as said above, her best friend. Calista can be a bit oblivious to Candy's problems sometimes, but is still a supportive friend to xir. 

Arai Tanuki is one of Calista's closest friends as well along with Abigail ThiefEbony S. White and Narcissa Demonic. She is also good acquintances with Adorn S. Queen but is always seen teasing and annoying him, but actually, she enjoys hanging around with him and Choyaku. Madeline Hatter, Thistle Remorso and Cerise Hood are also Calista's friends. She was also seen talking to Hopper Croakington II, Daring Charming and Hunter Huntsman at times.


Calista has a pet phoenix named Oro, she went with her mother to an adoptable bird shop for her ninth birthday and decided to adopt a phoenix and her father suggested the name Oro, which means "gold" in Italian.


Chōyaku Usagi is Calista's crush, who is also a close friend of hers but so far, Calista isn't really sure where they are standing in their relationship.There were young princes and boys who had crushed on her back at her mother's kingdom.


Her enemy would most likely be Vixen Red, daughter of Tod from the Fox and the Hound novel. She feels she just cant get along with her, and because Choyaku is honestly intimidated by her, since she is most likely to corner him to have him for her lunch. 



  • Calista's birthday is on July 1st.
  • Her theme song is Call it Whatever by Bella Thorne. 
  • She hates sun tans.
  • She hates foxes, due to Vixen Red. 
  • She is extremely obsessed with the book and the movie, The Fault in Our Stars.
  • She has cancer in her left arm.
  • Calista has failed many times at Math.
  • She is a professional at bowling.
  • Even though she dislikes Princessology despite she attends the class, her mother was the one who forced her to get signed up for it.
  • Her favorite colors are gold and pink.
  • She had amnesia when she was ten years old. 
  • She tends to swear and curse sometimes. 
  • Calista's gender-bender name would be Calum Gilded. 
  • Her human name would be Callie McGilded. 
  • Strawberries are her favorite fruit.



Miscellaneous Edit

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