Bunny's Tale: The Story of a Royal
Chapter Chapter 1
Release Date:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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The Royals and Rebels watch with spellbinding anticipation to see if Bunny Ticktock will be the next White Rabbit, but will this Bunny take the pledge or will she jump down the rabbit hole, and go POOF!?



  1. Female Narrator
  2. Bunny Ticktock
  3. Jazzy-Mena Aladdin
  4. Cerise Hood
  5. Kitty Cheshire
  6. Prince Philippus
  7. Lizzie Hearts
  8. Cedar Wood
  9. Apple White
  10. Raven Queen
  11. Madeline Hatter
  12. Hopper Croakington II
  13. Dexter Charming
  14. Daring Charming
  15. Briar Beauty
  16. Blondie Lockes
  17. Ashlynn Ella
  18. Hunter Huntsman
  19. C.A. Cupid
  20. Male Narrator



  • This is the first time that Jazzy-Mena Aladdin, Prince Philippus and Bunny Ticktock have been featured in the webisodes. 


  • When running away, Bunny has her clock in the other hand, then it switches to the other.

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