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 Brynneth Muffet's Diary

A New Orientation:Edit

Miss Brynneth Muffet;
sat on a tuffet;
eating half formed cheese (stop feeding me curds, Mom, please.);
then down came a spider;
and sat down beside her;
and Miss Brynneth said "Aw aren't you cute".

(note to self: find a better rhyme scheme)

That's the tale I wish was going to be told about me. Brynneth: Lover of creepy crawlies, adventure and ice cream. But no, I'm meant to be Little Brynneth Muffet, the girl who runs away from spiders. This year is Legacy Day but I can't even bring myself to think about that. What was my mother's story? She was frightened by a spider and that's supposed to be my story too, only I don't see how I'm going to fulfil my destiny. I'm the exact opposite of an arachnophobic. This is the first time in my life when I've felt bad for not being scared. When the day arrives and I'm sitting and a spider pops up next to me what do I do? I could pretend to scream and run away but that would mean I'm not being true to myself and it'd most likely hurt the poor spider's feelings and get blacklisted by the Association of Spiders Appreciators (if that's a thing. If it is, I'd like to join, preferably before Legacy Day).

Recently there have been rumours about not pledging your destiny, that maybe we can write our own story. It can't be true, can it? We've been taught since we were nursery rhymes that our parent's story is our story and if you don't pledge at Legacy Day then it's "POOF! Gone!". I do hope that this isn't some kind of joke, that there's truth in the rumours. If we can rewrite our destinies then maybe I won't have to tell the tale of Brynneth the Spider Upsetter.

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