Brayden getting fed up with his fellow donkey boy
   Brayden Asina is a son of a Toylandian donkey, and a proud member of the Donkey Boiz, meaning he is one of the brainless lackeys of Larry Esel. As much as he isn't an intelligent person, he isn't a sheep, and is secretly trying to ditch the group and start anew.

He desires to become a normal boy rather than a donkey, thus making him align with the Rebels.



Brayden is usually described as a brainless lackey by his fellow students, as he usually plays along with his fellow donkey boys when in the eye of fellow students, when really, he loathes them. He is a very preppy and sparky person, but you wouldn't know that, as he usually is dressed in dark colours.

He is very interested in screamo music, and is the main vocalist of the Donkey Boiz band (Which is the only reason he hasn't cut all ties), even if his voice is a little raspy and he has a serious problem with controlling his braying.

He usually spends his time listening to said screamo bands and doodling the environment of The Enchanted Forest. He can often be found talking with Lauren Esel , a former member of the Donkey Boiz, who he really looks up to.


Brayden has heavily tanned skin, jet black hair which goes down to the back of his neck, hazel eyes and short donkey ears and a long tail. He has is of average height and build. He has abnormally large feet that are bother him

Parent Story: The Adventures of PinochioEdit



Brayden doesn't really know his parents, as they didn't really bond very well while Brayden was growing up. He is an only child.


Brayden isn't really friends with anyone, being mere acquaintances with the donkey boys

He does call Lauren Esel his best friend, idol and closest companion. As they share the same interests music wise, even if they never really talk, they occasionally invite each other on walks or to be their "non-romantic date" to a party or function.


As a donkey boy, it is typical for him to worship the likes of Abigail Thief , Rouge Deerling and Rolana Candeliere , they are three students he will openly admit are very attractive and are very interesting people. That's pretty much it.

He sometimes hangs around on his own, questioning how he feels for the Esel he doesn't rhyme. Not admitting that she might just be the most beautiful equine in Ever After High. He doesn't know it yet, but he's fallen head over hooves for her.


Brayden has a rabbit as an animal companion. The rabbit is quite old and wise, having black and gray fur. He has named him Modo, which is an Italian word for 'wise'


Quotation1 You might say you hate everyone, hide in your room and detest fun, but I know the girl behind those eyes, I know the truth behind your lies. Quotation2
A part of a song that might be based off of Lana or Lauren, it isn't clear

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