Drinking a hocus latte.Wonder why Lilac says it stinks??

Boring Day.The worst day for me.

Twentieth customer in Club Fab.She bought our wedding dress for 120 gold hearts.

Sweaty day.Luckily I brought some pizza and some juice.IDk what's the name of the juice.

Should I get a dress or not?

My mirror said I was ugly.No one here is ugly.Why would it do that?Maybe it's not working anymore.

I realized it costs 20 gem hearts just to repair a simple mirror? i hope they're thinking!

My mother got me this journal which you could write the happenings in your life and keep it in a chest.Hope it's cool.

Why in Grimmnastics,we always run?Can we swim?

Found the features of this readical phone! Wish I can call it MP.

Got this MirrorPhone thingy from this Blondie girl.Wonder why.

First day in school.It was hard to pick classes.

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