• TheWiseUnicorn

    Help with names? ;u;

    November 14, 2017 by TheWiseUnicorn

    "Retire a character, replace with other with the same destiny". - Wise, 2k17

    So basically I'm replacing my old retired characters with brand new ones x3 And I really need a help with names because, y'all know. I'm terrible with names ;u; 

    Aaaaand now I am working on my retired dancing princess, Pirouette, and replacing her with a cousin. The problem is, I have so many ideas with names for her that uuuurgh I can't decide. So I'd like to know your opinion x3

    So here are my ideas for names: 

    • Sissonne [see-SAWN]: basically, a ballet step. I find this one really cute because it iiiis! And we can nickname her Sissy. Aaaaaa
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  • GrimmsDePytheLover

    Ask Jobal-Jennifer

    November 14, 2017 by GrimmsDePytheLover

    so yeah im doing this thing

    Yeah its one of those what does x think of y but I did a diffrent title SUE ME. Basically, jsut ask in the comments questions you'd like to ask JJ, and I'll answer them (in like. jj's voice) here. You could ask literally anything. You could ask what they think of falafs for all I care.

    Mind you, it'll be types the way JJ would type something, all lowercased and abrivations left and right.

    uh, it's kind of hard to pick. episode one sucks we all know that dont say its good it's not. episode two and three are meh but they gave us memes so idk how to even feel about them. then the fourth is good, no one can hate that movie if you do go see a doctor. fifth pretty solid i saw vader being lukes father a mile away but eh. …

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  • NibiruMul

    It's finally over!

    November 12, 2017 by NibiruMul

    Today I have some really good news. My mom and sister came back from their trip to London, safe and sound.

    I'm so relieved that all the worry I had for the past seven weeks is finally over. The week actually went surprisingly smoothly - I kept in touch with Mom over the phone. Dad took me out to an Indian restaurant on Thursday and a Mexican restaurant yesterday. Mom had a good time on her trip and told me about some of the stuff she did while we were having dinner (she's still at the table right now telling Dad about her trip).

    I honestly feel so guilty of having worried so much all this time. I felt that the past seven weeks of my life could have been much happier.

    I would like to thank you all for offering me advice and support.

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  • Cerisefan03

    Christmas Show

    November 9, 2017 by Cerisefan03

    You are never going to believe what I'm going to be doing December fifteenth. I found out today I am going to sing in my town's Christmas show! My town does Christmas big, and so a whole lot of people are going to hear me sing. If by some miracle I don't keel over from nerves, I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

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  • Patchworks Inc

    lol yeah i make way too many blogs eek

    anyways I just put up a new character page last night! so i thought this would be a good time to create relationships with her~ let the interactions begin!

    Here are the characters I have up for relationships as of right now:

    🌟 Allemande En L'Air

    A future one of the 12 dancing princesses, but doesnt know how to dance. All she wants is to make her parents proud, and isn't the best at socializing. like not at all. she comes off as pretty mean tbh. she really loves to play music but is too consumed with trying to please her mother to worry about what she wants. 

    • If u have any dancing princesses I'd love for them to be related! 

    Angeline "Angie" Patchwork

    A bubbly sack of sunshine who just wants to make people ha…

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  • NibiruMul

    Tomorrow is the big day.

    November 6, 2017 by NibiruMul

    Hi again!

    Tomorrow is a very big day for me and my family. Tomorrow Mom and my sister are going on their trip to London.

    Honestly, I still worry a little, but I feel so guilty about worrying about something that will probably never ever happen and letting six weeks of my life be filled with sadness and fear - six weeks that should have been happy. I feel like I was being selfish by not being happy for Mom. I realize this trip is about what she wants, not what I want. I should just let her have a good time.

    I do have plenty of good news: Mom fixed up her phone so she can call me and Dad. I admit, my cellphone is very old and Mom is generally the only person I call on it on a regular basis. Both me and Mom have Facebook and we'll keep in touch …

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  • Airbenderfreak

    I'm gonna level with y'all and say that coming up with names is the hardest/worst part about making an OC. For me, at least.

    Anyway, I'm making a new OC, Hylla, daughter of Hippolyta and Theseus from A Midnight Summer's Dream​, and I can't settle on a surname for the life of me, so here are the possibilites:

    Should her full name be Hylla... Hippolytus Athens McBride Amazonia

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  • Patchworks Inc

    name vote 🌟

    November 4, 2017 by Patchworks Inc

    I have a dancing princess oc whos name was originally Allemande Tanz, but i wanted to change the last name. i found quite a few i put in the maybe pile and now im not sure. Thanks in advance for voting! (also im excited about this if u wanna check it out)

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  • Patchworks Inc

    --it's been about 3 weeks since I posted this blog about mirror blogs and stuff, but I finally got to making my idea a reality. I also didn't plan on making templates being so hard. geez admins how do u do it??!! I finally got it after help from community wiki and tutorials and crap wow. 

    anyways I modeled the format of blog after twitter, as I've seen both aquamarinesandopals and vinnn do, so it certainly wasn't my idea. thanks and credits to them for that! I made the template and anyone is free to use it if ud like! not that I think most ppl will but it's there! 

    anyways here is angie's mirrorblog as promised! feel free to follow it! ill be adding a post this weekend! I hope this is real fun for everyone ^u^ hope u guys enjoyed ur Hallowee…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    Edit 1 (17/11/2017): Sign ups closed, all participants should have their match ups now.

    2k17 lETS DO THIS

    EaFanSa is back and, hopefully, better than ever! The premise is the same as last year's: You give a gift, you get a gift. These gifts are made in secret and exchanged publically on the 25th of December.

    Sign ups start today, the 1st of November, and will run until the 15th. Matches should be done by the 20th. You then have until the 25th to create your gift. There will be a check-in on the 11th of December to make sure you are happy to continue participating. This will be the last day you will be able to drop out.

    • Everyone participating must give out at least one form of private contact, whether that be email, discord, tumblr, pinterest, o…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    new categories

    November 1, 2017 by Aquamarinesandopals

    admin announcement here! as you may or may not know, the admin team is fixing up categories.

    as such, please do not make new categories that pertain to stories, destines, roles, nationalities, races etc until further notice. you may continue to make personal categories, but not "official" ones, so to speak. 

    the reason the categories got so out of control in the first place was because the admin team didnt oversee their creation and so, for the time being, we need to halt them

    if you need a category made in the meantime please contact me on my wall, or let me know in the feedback channel of our discord. thank you!

    otms will be coming later today.

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  • GrimmsDePytheLover

    i have on of these somewhere of po, rina, and c.s but THAT SHALL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY

    but anyway this one is for Todd Blanc-Charming, Megan Diamonds, and Jobal-Jennifer Moria

    Know featuring Annabella Venezia



    i only now this for jj currently so ill think about for todd and meg

    Marty McFly, of course! Who else? Back/Book to the Future is one of their all time favorite movies, Marty being one of their all time favorite characters because time travel. Who do you think JJ got the idea from to rip a hole in the space time contum? Defiantly wasnt one of their dads.

    Flight. Or more, disapproving stare.

    Flight. She can't throw a punc to save her life.

    Is go back in time and back it so t…

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  • Dragneelrock555

    Hey guys i am currently working on the diary of some of the backgrounders from the webisodes and was wondering who can give me some ideas for who some of the parents of them are. also don't forget to add an image please

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    October 24, 2017 by CHCSHIRES

    read below.

    march is the revamped version of an old user of the ever after high fandom wikia to come back to express his creativity of writing. a mysterious figure who's expressed in an dark manner. he'll stay in the shadows of the wiki.

    this is all you need to know.

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    wow spades wtf is that thing on the sidebar its big and blue and ugly

    WELL HEY HO CONFUSED WIKIAN it is the fairy fight clubs discord server, also known as your new wikia chat. 

    the wikia's chat has been dead for,, a long time. and hey. its partly my fault. the fairy fight club group was a group originally made originally for skype and, accidentally or otherwise, completely sucked activity away from this wikia. it eventually moved to discord under my authority and, for a number of reasons, ive decided to open it to everyone.

    only a few people on this wikia werent using the ffc while it was privated and it was looking less like some users and their friends and more like an exclusive club minus a few users. this felt crap. these people who were…

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  • TheWiseUnicorn

    Yeah, I've been working on my characters, because they distract me from my bad thoughts so yeah :") 

    And some of them need some relationships, buddies, enemies, romances~ Anything tbh ;u; So just comment below if you think my characters would get along well with yours or not or something c:

    • Meredith Le Fay - creepy and manipulative daughter of Morgan Le Fay. Surely needs more enemies because she's really into making those~ And maybe some buddies as well. But mainly enemies :D
    • Elizabeth Knight - the mom friend that gives you moral lessons and wants to be a good mama to her friends. Speaking of friends, needs more of those~ (Especially mighty girl knights and musketeers or something like that) 
    • Desideria Daine - definition of rebellious and "I d…
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  • Cerisefan03

    Me again. I just want to get these two out there. They are open for friends/enemies/acquaintances/romance, etc. Both Rebels. 

    Dove Swanhilde

    Dove is the daughter of Swanhilde from Coppelia. She is the clumsy, yet brave girl. She doesn't dance, not able to walk five feet without breaking something. She is very mainpulative and can change her voice to match any females. She has been described by Duchess, her enemy, as a sweet faced savage. Totally superstitious too!

    Ember Scales

    Ember is the "daughter" of the dragon from the prince and the dragon. She is fearless, and loves to prove impossible things aren't impossible. She has a soft spot for stories where people are trapped, having been trapped herself. She's very curious, and can be overzealou…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    my mum gets married on wednesday so im off to celebrate with my family! i wont be back until the 19th.

    i say this only because i wont be doing nearly as much admin work this week and may be a little hard to get to, which isnt really convenient for you guys when im your main admin atm. if you need to get ahold of me please leave a message on my wall, message me on tumblr, or (preferably) message me on discord. 

    if you want to see lots of wedding pictures please feel free to add me on snapchat! my name is sonia_nvm (just. let me know ur gonna add me or smth fkjnghg)

    see ya on the other side guys!

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  • Lesbean-mercy

    choose the hair you think i should use for tiên's signature look; any other hairs could be used for upcoming outfits when i'm not lazy!!

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  • NibiruMul


    October 15, 2017 by NibiruMul

    I have some news that I've been meaning to say for weeks, but haven't posted until now...

    From November 7 to November 13, my mom and my sister are going to be going on vacation in London. I'm not going to be going with them. Unfortunately, I haven't been excited about it.

    The first thing I'm worried about is their safety, particularly my mom's safety. There were a number of terrorist attacks in London recently, including one in Westminster and another in London Bridge, which are two of the areas they will be visiting. I'm genuinely worried about their safety, especially while they're on the street.

    THe second thing I'm worried about is being away from them. I'm especially worried about Mom for two reasons. The first is because she's never bee…

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  • GrimmsDePytheLover


    so basically im tired and sad and bored and listening to star wars songs and bored and sad and did i mention bored???? but you probably get the point. and by the looks of that nifty title my ocs are alone and they don't deserve the same fate as me.

    im mostly talking about the fallowing few

    • Todd Blanc-Charming
    • Megan Diamonds
    • Jobal-Jennifer Moria
    • Rowan Jo Redford
    • Willemina Rabbit
    • Annabella Venezia
    • Lysandra Helena Ambrosia, daughter of Hermia and Lysander. You can read about her on my OCs driver pages.

    so idk friends. enemies. ships. idc i kind of need something todo because im tired and sad and bored. i mean, putting "their open for friends" on their pages doesn't really do much so why not make a blog post. plus im too socially awkward to you kno…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    honestly how many times have I posted a blog in the past month omg I need to slow down 

    I clicked on Mirriah Glass's mirror blog because I simply love the oc, and I was sure I'd find myself to enjoy her blog. As I was reading through it, I was instantly hooked. I couldn't stop reading, even though I had told my mom I was going to bed, haha. anyways, it got me thinking, what can I do to make a blog interesting? So, kudos to Vinny for your spectacular mirrorblog! I would've never have come up with this idea will share with u soon :))

    I'm not a professional blogger myself, and don't know how to run any such thing, but it doesn't stop me from trying to figure how to make one good. I've got to say, my mirrorblogs for my own ocs aren't very good, …

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  • Patchworks Inc

    welp I'm sick

    October 10, 2017 by Patchworks Inc

    just came back from the doctor earlier today and it turns out I have the flu. guess I should've got my flu shot sooner 

    doctor says I can't go back to school for at least 3 days so I've got a lot of free time so at least ill get to draw and reply to rps haha 

    my little sisters suck too so today we were sick buddies and watched moana and Barbie movies 

    ilu guys hope u guys are all well and healthy

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  • Cerisefan03

    Ask Blair Planchet

    October 8, 2017 by Cerisefan03

    Of course I'm doing one too! And if you have any questions for Blair , just comment below.

    Who are you?

    Well, obviously I'm Blair, Blair Planchet. 

    Who are your parents?

    My dad's Planchet from Three Musketeers.

    Favorite childhood memory?

     I'm not sure this qualifies as a childhood memory, persay, but three years ago, my dad took me to the villaige blacksmith and allowed me to learn how to forge. Two years ago, I finally made my own sword. That was my proudest moment.

    Worst Fear?

    Disapointing people, espescially my parents. But don't tell people that. I have quite the reputation to keep up! (Also I'd die if my parents knew).

    What's your biggest pet peeve?

    When I'm walking and people see my sword. They laugh and tell me to run along and leave the swor…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    Voting is closed.

    Hey, see that in the title? The 2017? Y'know what it means? It's been a solid year of OTM Voting!! This is the first time it's happened in our history and I'm really happy to share that moment with all of you. And, of course, I'm glad to share it with our OTM winners this month!! A huge congratulation to Zena, Vin, and Dana for their work on Airmid, Mirriah, and River. Please leave them some nice comments < 3

    NOW before we start, I'm sure some of you have noticed the changes to the front page. I understand there may be frustration at the removal of full body art on the feature spots, but I wanted to share our reasoning why. If you literally don't care about that you can skip the next section, read the rules, and go straight…

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  • Lesbean-mercy

    oc moodboard dump

    October 6, 2017 by Lesbean-mercy

    i wanted to share these 4-image moodboards i made a while back for my characters + upcoming characters sans roxanne, so here we go !!

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  • Airbenderfreak

    Hello, users of our beloved Ever High Fandom Wiki! This is the first time I've ever done a blog like this (and I rarely do blogposts in general), so I don't really know how relationship blogs are supposed to be done. Anyways. as you can see, I'm looking for oc relationships for my character Gwen E. Vere. I'm really trying to develop her and I find it easiest to do that by way of new relationships. I'll probably give Gwen a De-spell-opment Challenge if I ever finish my current one. 

    I should probably give a summary of how she is, personality wise. She acts all nice and princessly, and therefore would have plenty of friends. However, she's secretly kind of a terrible person, so whatever friends she ends up having, they either won't be too clo…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    hey guys luckily I'm finding a bit of time in my days to fit some small inked pieces in for inktober!! I really wanted to do this last year but never really did. I hope I can do one for every day, that's my goal. I know it's near the end of the quarter at my school, so maybe I won't, but ill def try 8))

    I'm pretty much freestyling this one but ill mention if i use a prompt here or there 

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  • Lesbean-mercy

    here's a quick run down of these characters i'm about to list off for the poll:

    •  ilari stepanov - son of vasilia from vasilia the beautiful. has this kind of "solemn" aura to him despite being usually good-humored (but he can be somewhat clueless). kinda lazy to an extent when it comes to work and stuff. is on the bookball and pretty athletic (to the surprise of many). questionable fashion sense. 
    • cosmo giroux -  son of gervaise from the necklace of fiorimonde. nature is his passion and he's a cheery and go-lucky boy who's trying to make people smile and laugh y'know. kinda slow when it comes to learning but he's trying his best. super athletic and loves outdoor activities (he's a bookball player). likes making jewelry for his friends. ^thos…
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  • Draculaura.clawd


    October 4, 2017 by Draculaura.clawd

    Guys...I have to say... I HAVE....


    Please watch and fave me if you want to!

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    You'd be surprised how long I've actually been following this on tumblr.

    featuring Vivienne du Vallon. Obviously, I'm not the only person who interpretted the prompt as "the start of destiny "

    Since I'm three days late, I decided to incorporate to prompts into a piece ft. Renegade Charming. She used to be a Royal, but now aligns as a Rebel and everything, so I figured what could go wrong.

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  • Madame O'Front

    EAH Inktober 2017

    October 2, 2017 by Madame O'Front

    The Prompts are here, created by Aquamarinesandopals.

    Once upon a time makes you think of the past, so I decided to draw the past generation of students who came before my characters. From left to right, up and down...

    • Adam Rosebury and Miriam O'Rouge in a sweet moment, Bane's predecessor and mother respectively. Last generation's Johnny and Mary.
    • Rosalinde Greenwood and Lemnus Gulliver at the National First Aid championship. Current Cruel Mother and last Lemuel Gulliver (Sam's dad). Rosie was a Saint Demijohn cadet who was part of the Book End team and Gulliver was one of the youth leaders who helped trained the members that year.
    • And finally Caligo Penumbra and Nebulus Owlister. Previous black bride (Grizz's mom) and last Owl from the Owl an…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    hellllo!! its inktober time. prompts here!

    ft. philomela towerbird

    once upon a time reminds me of books and who better for a book-themed day than spades' resident book nerd philomela?

    i included the actual words of the prompt here because i wasnt sure the connection would be obvious. i still think it isnt but hey im kinda proud of this one, despite the obvious mistakes. the point of this month is to get good at inking so ( dabs )

    stay tuned! Read more >
  • Vinnnn

    Vin's Inktober Challenge

    October 1, 2017 by Vinnnn

    so its finally october which means two things: 1) its time to get spoopy and 2) its time for inktober! this will be my first inktober!! so im super excited to draw all the eah prompts our lovely spades has written up for us. if u wanna check it out for urself (although im 99.9% sure u already have at this point) its right here

    i already know myself fairly well so i know for a fact im probably not going to post every single day. or do all of the prompts. but i sure as heck am gonna try! and i hope u all enjoy as we take this artistic journey together,, which sounds like smth bob ross would say

    1. Once Upon a Time             9. Desire                              17. Restart                       25. Charming
    2. Royal                                 …

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  • GrimmsDePytheLover

    okay so yeah its october so its time for the event of the month, inktober.

    yeah i don't know why im doing it considering im not confident in my art skills and the lack of an earser is something to me. maybe ill become better but idk miracles don't happen in a moth.

    y'all probably already know the prompts that spades did but im going to list them for myself. or idk what im doing now

    featuring the less remembered cousin other then c.s, her stoic nerd cousin that isn't c.s, and geek references.

    Originally, they were supposed to be standing next to each other but yeah that didn't work. That sudden shift in proportions with todd i don't know. and Jobal-Jennifer just shifted over to the side (the scribbled out part is my faild attempt of a vulcan ha…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    oops I accidentally created this before I wrote anything

    anyways what I was supposed to talk about: ive recently been accepted into the national junior honor society and I've been really busy with all of my clubs, homework, committees, and njhs stuff at school recently, so I'm not gonna be on a lot. I'm not going to be working on ocs until I figure out how I'm going to fit this place into my schedule. that might be a while, not sure how long. I wouldn't expect more than half a year. I know that's a really long time, and I'm really sorry about it. I miss this place a lot, but I haven't got the time to be a bigger part of this wiki as I used to. I also broke my phone so I won't be on discord or amino. you guys can always reach me on Pinterest…

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  • Filip of Mount Honora

    Ello! I'm going to be doing the Inktober challenge . I have never really done any of this type of thing (expression challenge, OTP challenge, etc.), so we'll see if I can keep up with it. I have more time on my hands than ever so I'm really hoping I can get it done!

    NOPE I'm not doing it for two different people

    bye bye timos sorry

    I'll try to do a few days in advance. Check in for updates! Enjoy~!

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  • Jade-the-Tiger

    First off, I can't believe it's October already, and secondly, when I saw that an Ever After High prompt list had been posted by Aquamarinesandopals for Inktober, I knew I just had to do it. I've never done an Inktober challenge before, but I'm sure going to give it my best shot. (I've also never drawn anything with ink before, so this will probably turn out to be a month-long mess, but we'll see!) 

    Here's Spades' blog right here so you can check out the challenge for yourself!

    1. Once upon a time               9. Desire                                   17. Restart                        25. Charming
    2. Royal                                  10 Crown.…

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    Been a while since i've seen one of these. this is an in-character interview with Vivi du Vallon. And, yes, you can ask questions too.

    Let's start with something simple. Who are you?

    You're right. This is simple. I'm the first daughter of Porthos. Well, first recognized. *wink* I'm one of the Three Musketeers. Fight and flirt extraordinaire. My name is Vivienne, but you can call me anytime.

    When were you born?

    Dani always told me I was born sometime in the spring, and mama kept telling the midwife what to do that she may have just delivered me herself. My birthday is actually on April 23, by the way.

    What do you do in your spare ti--

    Practice and train, usually. Sometimes I go shopping with Lulu and the Muskeedorks. Other times we try to teach Vic…
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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    you know what feeling when you press publish twice?

    it here

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  • Lesbean-mercy

    ajrjrkdkk step aside glaucio, i've found my new pride and joy.

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  • Airbenderfreak

    I've always wanted to do this challenge and Lulu is the perfect underdeveloped canidate. Will add more soon.

    Original Blog Post: OC De-spell-opment Challenge

    1. Let's start off with something simple! What Hogwarts House would your OC be sorted in?
    2. Which historical or fictitious figure is your OC’s greatest inspiration?
    3. Is your OC more flight or fight?
    4. What is the most unique facial feature of your OC?
    5. What are your OCs’ “theme colours”? Are these colours used for aesthetic, or is there a deeper reasoning behind them?
    6. What Deadly Sin and Heavenly Virtue does your OC most represent?
    7. Quick, your OC has been thrown into an Alternate Universe! Which genre would your OC be most uncomfortable in / unused to?
    8. What did your OC do to entertain themself as a chil…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals


    As many of you may have noticed, the admin team has decided a lot of the categories currently being used on the wiki are pointless, grammatically incorrect, or otherwise no longer needed on the wiki.

    Unfortunately, this means the spam that I have been producing changing categories is going to continue for some time. Apologies!

    This blog post is here to a) let you know this is even happening and b) let you know which categories are no longer in use (and what to use instead!). If you want to help the admins out, feel free to go in and fix up any of your own pages that fall into any of the categories mentioned here.

    and their replacements AND reasonings, for your benefit:

    • Alice In Wonderland is being replaced with Alice in Wonderland
      • W…

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  • Cerisefan03


    September 27, 2017 by Cerisefan03

    I wanna see what other people's OC's would respond to an interview like this: 

    Parent's Story?

    What side and why?

    Any juicy relationship news?

    Darkest Secret?

    Favorite Class and Least Favorite?

    Best friends till the end?

    Describe yourself in three words.

    Comment what you'd think that be.

    Like for example, my OC Bella Tinkerton

    Parent's Story?

    Peter and Wendy, I'm the daughter of Tinkerbell.

    What side and why?

    I have no wings, so most think I'm a changeling, which I'm not, so I am a Rebel.

    Any juicy relationship news?

    As if! It's not like I might ahve a crush on the next Captain hook. I don't!

    Darkest Secret?

    I'm scared of mermaids

    Favorite Class and Least Favorite?

    I like my arts and crafts, not so much swimming in grimnastics

    Best Friends Till the end?

    My mot…

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    I'm looking for some relationships for the renewed Portia du Vallon. I've been doing this thing were I'm taking my old OCs and revamping them almost completely.

    As mentioned in the De-spell-opment Challenge 1, Vivienne is an adrenaline junkie with literally no chill. She barges into everyone's conversations when she wants to put in her input and will help commit crimes for the greater good. She looks sweet and innocent, and maybe some part of her is, but she's largely intense and self-confident. 

    Vivi uses pet names or makes new nicknames for everyone, just like I do, and will always have a friend's back. Especially in a fight. And like her dad, she's a rager at a party. She seems approachable, and she usually is. The only issues is if peopl…

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    Vivienne du Vallon daughter of Porthos from The Three Musketeers | no chill whatsoever | has punched a racist and always will

    Vivienne would be a Gryffindor because she's a fighter, that one. She can also fall under Hufflepuff for her "hero of the people" vibe and Sytherin because she will help commit multiple crimes for the greater good.

    She looks up to Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two pirates who were presumably also lovers. They made challenges and won and they didn't go down without a fight. 

    Fight. Did this have to be a question? Whether it's a weapons duel, a fistfight, or a metaphorical backstabbing assassination, Vivienne always takes the offensive.

    Her freckles. And her oddly innocent face. Vivi can name two or three people who didn't know her…

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  • Shopkinsloves11

    so im stumped on finished my charter and i need ideas and when im stupmed i ask for help !! so if you have a idea for her plz tell me and here is the place to find her !!!!!!!

    plz do some art for her and edit and make her alot of deph and make her more vauibly and plz make her room huge and make her specail to everyone !! she is really good to me but when i need to make my charter more like a ble so plz help me with that if you dont like me then dont help but i know you will

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  • Tsarinatsarevna

    So, I just found this post of a challenge hosted here on the wikia back in February! I'm new to the wikia but I'm a sucker for character development and I thought it looked fun! I hope y'all don't mind the lateness :}

    I'll be doing all my characters on one blog post, so I'm not spamming or annoying anyone. But I will be adding little sections and a handy-dandy content box to keep things easy to access and organize! This page will be continually updated as I create new characters/answer the questions ;D

    Blog Post: OC De-spell-opment Challenge

    1. Let's start off with something simple! What Hogwarts House would your OC be sorted in?
    2. Which historical or fictitious figure is your OC’s greatest inspiration?
    3. Is your OC more flight or fight?
    4. What is the mo…

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  • GrimmsDePytheLover


    September 24, 2017 by GrimmsDePytheLover


    so i haven't made a post in a year and i only really came back to the wikia last month, so incase you don't know/don't remeber, i'm grimms.

    and i has news.

    so today is really important, because of today is the two year seizure free day, which is amazing!!!!

    two years ago today, i had an eeg and yeah, it didn't go to well, as i ended up waking up in an abulance. a few days before i had a seizure in math class which is why i was having an eeg in the first place. seizures aren't really fun if you don't know. i mean, its kind of scarry to you know, wake up in your with a stranger in an abulance going down a highway to a hospitel???

    what also is good, last month i had another eeg (which i was really scared), and they didn't see any attacvity, …

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    For those of us who wish to do something with an EAH twist this Inktober, I present the EAH Inktober 2017 prompts!

    For those of you who don't know what Inktober is, Inktober is a project designed to get artists drawing every day of October in ink. Heres a link to the official site so you can better understand the project.

    Some disclaimers:

    1. While you are encouraged to post daily do not feel like you must leave the drawing to each individual day. You're free to draw in bulk!
    2. You also should not force yourself to do every day if you don't want to. Many people do half-Inktobers and many others only pop in when they're inspired.
    3. You can work from multiple prompt lists, just one, or none at all. Prompts are merely there to help you should you find yo…

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