• Tsarinatsarevna

    So, I just found this post of a challenge hosted here on the wikia back in February! I'm new to the wikia but I'm a sucker for character development and I thought it looked fun! I hope y'all don't mind the lateness :}

    I'll be doing all my characters on one blog post, so I'm not spamming or annoying anyone. But I will be adding little sections and a handy-dandy content box to keep things easy to access and organize! This page will be continually updated as I create new characters/answer the questions ;D

    Blog Post: OC De-spell-opment Challenge

    1. Let's start off with something simple! What Hogwarts House would your OC be sorted in?
    2. Which historical or fictitious figure is your OC’s greatest inspiration?
    3. Is your OC more flight or fight?
    4. What is the mo…

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  • GrimmsDePytheLover


    September 24, 2017 by GrimmsDePytheLover


    so i haven't made a post in a year and i only really came back to the wikia last month, so incase you don't know/don't remeber, i'm grimms.

    and i has news.

    so today is really important, because of today is the two year seizure free day, which is amazing!!!!

    two years ago today, i had an eeg and yeah, it didn't go to well, as i ended up waking up in an abulance. a few days before i had a seizure in math class which is why i was having an eeg in the first place. seizures aren't really fun if you don't know. i mean, its kind of scarry to you know, wake up in your with a stranger in an abulance going down a highway to a hospitel???

    what also is good, last month i had another eeg (which i was really scared), and they didn't see any attacvity, …

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    For those of us who wish to do something with an EAH twist this Inktober, I present the EAH Inktober 2017 prompts!

    For those of you who don't know what Inktober is, Inktober is a project designed to get artists drawing every day of October in ink. Heres a link to the official site so you can better understand the project.

    Some disclaimers:

    1. While you are encouraged to post daily do not feel like you must leave the drawing to each individual day. You're free to draw in bulk!
    2. You also should not force yourself to do every day if you don't want to. Many people do half-Inktobers and many others only pop in when they're inspired.
    3. You can work from multiple prompt lists, just one, or none at all. Prompts are merely there to help you should you find yo…

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  • NibiruMul

    EAH Titanic RP

    September 20, 2017 by NibiruMul

    For the past couple of weeks, I've been listening to the musical score of James Cameron's Titanic. Recently, it gave me a very interesting idea.

    I was thinking about making an RP where our OCs are on a modern-day replica of the Titanic called the New Titanic (because Titanic II is already taken XD). In the RP, we'll get to explore the New Titanic, enjoy fine dining, and attend a ball in the ballroom. Most of the focus will probably be on the ball, though. Our OCs will get to wear historical costumes to attend the ball.

    The RP will probably be called "A Night to Remember".

    Don't worry...our OCs are going to be all make it out alive. I'm not going to do a sinking...unless you really want me to. BTW, if you have any suggestions for me to spice up the…

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  • Cerisefan03

    Hey, Cerisefan03 here with some humble offering. I have two new OC's Hera Fate and Perseus Beggar, and I am open to any kind of relationship with either of them. (friends, acquaintance, enemies, roommates, etc,) They're both rebels.

    Hera Fate

    Hera Fate is the daughter of the Ill-fated princess from the  Greek fairytale of the same name. She sometimes will bring bad luck to people, although a lot of the times she's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    She's awkward, quiet, and can't speak more than one word without them not making any sense. But she is smart, it's a little hard to see that though.

    Perseus "Percy" Beggar

    Percy Beggar is the son of the Beggar woman from the Ill-fated princess. He can kind of be slow to acknowledge emotions, being…

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  • TheWiseUnicorn

    Heeeeey everyone~

    September 11, 2017 by TheWiseUnicorn

    Hullo everyone! How're y'all doing? ^u^ 

    Well, I hope it doesn't sound selfish and all, but I have been so depressed lately.

    I mean, I dunno what's going on. I've been so extremely anxious, my mind can't stop, and I don't know how to chill. I've been trying to study, focus on something else, but I can't seem to actually be okay. My family has been pretty supportive, trying to understand what's wrong, but it's a little... Hard. 

    Everything is driving me crazy. Especially my problems with myself, and how I see myself.


    I won't really expose what's going on, but if any of you wish to talk privately, maybe that'll actually relieve me a little? x3

    Buuuut, I was thinking about actually role-playing? I mean, I really like it, and it distracts m…

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  • EverAShadow

    Hello fellow EAH fans! I am EverAShadow, a new member of the community and all that jazz and I hope we'll all get along and have fun here.

    As for my character, I am planning on creating the daughter of the Eldest Brother from the Four Skillfull Brothers. I haven't given her a name quite yet but I do have a few ideas for her.

    I was thinking of her as wanting to be a charming and cunning thief like her father yet she seems to fail at being an archetypical thief. Instead she is extremely socially awkward, often freezing up in social situations and tends to talk without thinking. She also has the worst luck, often finding herself in the wrong place at the wrong time or having accidentally stolen something without knowing it. Nonetheless she is a…

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    Art Request 2.0

    September 9, 2017 by Draculaura.clawd

    Halo guys! This is me again your DC or Kyla *Ahem* Once again I am gonna recreate your OC into my new and improved artstyle...The last one is fine but now I am gonna make it better so here is the rules please read it bud..



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  • LyricsThatSing

    art request station

    September 8, 2017 by LyricsThatSing

    sooo i draw, and i feel like i'll contribute to this wiki more by drawing. here's the form you have to submit either via message wall or the comment section:

    please note that i'm not always free and requests are always closed during january and june. i only and will only upload at saturdays and sundays, GMT +8 time. (if you live in the us, i'm about 12-15 hours earlier; in europe, about 8-6 earlier; oceania, 2-5.) it will include a full body and a headshot by default. if you have any special requests please specify below. some may be posted on deviantArt with consent. i will not post without consent of the oc's owner. please credit 'lyrixel' or 'lyricsthatsing' if you were to use this anywhere.

    art takes about a week to two; i will give you the pictur…

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  • LyricsThatSing


    September 5, 2017 by LyricsThatSing

    yeah i'm back from the dead after one whole year. i'm not really in the eah fandom anymore though, so

    i'll still write

    also, feel free to follow my wattpad @WastedFangirlIsMe, i'm definitely way more active there

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  • NibiruMul

    Starting today, I'm going to be taking a break from the EAH Fandom Wiki. I go through ups and downs on this wiki all the time. This time I'm in a down - what I mean is, I've been kinda bored on here lately since I've been focusing on other online activities, plus summer's just about over where I live. I think taking a break will help me focus on other things, and maybe come up with more ideas for this wiki.

    I don't know how long my break will be, but I'll probably be gone for at least the first week after this post. I will be back eventually, though.

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    Voting is closed

    September 1st, 2017

    Dear Wikia,

    I believe I am a good person. Ya know, I think there is good in every OTM nominee, but here we are first day of October OTM Voting. I look around at all these OCs I've known for 2 years and I ask myself:

    What happened?

    Welcome to September 1st Wikians! The day when Veronica joined the Heathers, the day when the Hogwarts expressed carried Albus to Hogwarts, and the day where we offer congratulations to the winners of the September vote! I'm sure we can all agree that Dainty Kissington and Altiline are worthy holders of their new titles.

    The time has come, once again, to vote for the next batch of winners. Voting will begin today and run until the 23rd of September, 23h59 GMT (Yes -- this time we wil…

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  • Rose0250

    Taking a Break

    August 31, 2017 by Rose0250

    Hey y'all, long time no see.

    So it's Rose, back again, with another one of these blog posts. As it turns out, I started high school and it's been great! I have friends, my family loves me, and I might even have a guy interested in me!! But between homework, social life, field hockey, etc. I have no time for the wiki, so therefore I am taking a break. I feel it's the right thing to do. That's not it though...

    I'm giving some of my ocs up for adoption until I come back.

    I want to make sure these ocs are taken care of properly, so I'll be on for a couple of days looking for Drivers who can be their owners until I figure out a time where I can come back. So, I am putting:




    and Atharaan up for adoption. Comment down below if you g…

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  • Hiddenfolk

    Hello this is your friendly neighbourhood Banshee, coming to you live from Ever After High! With the events of legacy day, it seems like our school has become divided over one central issue- well I'm sure you're aware of it. However as a result, Principal Grimm has allowed me to start this radio show! In this show I'm going to interview the various colourful characters that attend EAH about their alignments and hopefully through this we can gain new insights into each other and resolve these tensions. Tune in this Tuesday for episode one of Fate’s Footnotes!!

    Hello and Welcome to Fate’s Footnotes! On this program we get to know our fellow students through one on one talks. This week we have a villain legacy with a fondness for both snacks a…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    Not that i havent been drawing other things (which i have)

    Ive been drawing this little cutie named london eye quite a bit recently, even at the summer camp i went to

    I guess u wanna see them now haha

    I drew so much in different styles i had trouble getting back to my regular one shgldhhl

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  • DatAsymptote

    Leaving for Uni!

    August 18, 2017 by DatAsymptote

    I should probably make this blog post before I forget, so here goes.

    In a few hours time, I'll be on a plane to the United States! Admitantly I'm quite apprehensive about moving and studying on the other side of the world away from my family, but I'm also hella excited :D!

    That means with the start of uni, I will unfortunately be less active! Despite so, I don't intend to leave or discontinue anything on the wikia. I also do intend to finish fic and finish posting all my OCs, too.

    If you need me, you're welcome to add for my Discord or Skype or any other form of contact.

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  • Hufflelover1234


    August 18, 2017 by Hufflelover1234

    already found one.

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  • Little Miss Nobody

    I wanted a place for my headcanons for canon Ever After High.

    Headcanons Childhood 
    • Everyone assumes it's always Darling who beat up bullies or anyone was mean to Dex but I feel she'd use her words because she had to hide that she was good at fighting and this other stuff. So I think it was totally Daring. It's canon that he gets pissed p easy. So he'd lay the hands
    • Ashlynn was totally girl scouts when she was younger.[Charm/Charmberry/Charmblossom/Fairy/Fairyberry/Pixie, anything else you choose]. I can totally see it with Ash especially. She would have these great sales pitches and she's bat her pretty green eyes. Bam! A whole wagon sold. And also the uniforms were totally cute.
    • I am only confident in the fact that the boys were called Dr…
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  • Lesbean-mercy

    hey y'all, i wanna develop my art a bit so im willing to do some drawing requests for some of you! i'll open up 6 slots and each slot is gonna have a different type of drawing attached -- busts, half-body, or fullbody.

    1. datasymptote (sketched with color)
    2. airbenderfreak (colored)
    3. cerisefan03 (colored)
    4. zarinchan (colored)
    5. neutron star ignition (lineart)
    6. filip of mount honora (lineart)


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  • Patchworks Inc

    Lots of Stuff

    August 14, 2017 by Patchworks Inc

    Hi everybody!!

    I havent been on in a while and the reason for that is because i just got back from a week long summer camp up in the mountains. As soon as i got home my lovely mom surprised me with a phone!! So ive been trying to figure everthing and i think ive gotten everything down 👍👍 Ive been setting up all my accounts and everything, using the same username so its orginized. That would be why i changed my amino avcount. Dont worry though, im keeping my wiki accoubt just the same ❤

    Oh!! I also made a discord account!! Could someone please explain to me how i can get into the new ffc chat or whatever it is now?? That would be great!!

    and i promise ill get to my rps soon!! Donut fear a reply will be here

    Stay tuned for a blog post on the baj…

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  • BishounenP

    Weird dream last night

    August 13, 2017 by BishounenP

    Haven't been active on the wiki lately, been busy.

    I had a dream last night about EAH, thought I'd make a post about it.

    I was seeing through the eyes of Adelhelm. Royals and Rebels were splitting up for some kind of scool thing, and rooms were now co-ed for some reason. Everyone was to write down the people they would want to room with, and whoever matched up would room with each other. 

    So Adelhelm didn't really know anyone except Faybelle, and wrote her down, as well as a few other (random) people that might work out. No one else wrote Faybelle, and the other people that he wrote already paired up. Though I write them as friends, she was still hesitant for some reason to room with him. She didn't write down anyone. She reluctantly agreed t…

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  • NibiruMul

    Another EAH knockoff?

    August 12, 2017 by NibiruMul

    I recently found out about another Ever After High knockoff. This time it's not from Disney - it's an Italian animated series called Regal Academy, and it comes from the people who made Winx Club.

    From what I read, the characters are the grandchildren rather than the children of fairy tale characters, and the main character is Cinderella's granddaughter. Most of the other characters are based on stories that EAH used. Notably, they have a character based on the Ugly Duckling, which EAH does not have as of yet, as well as an ogre's granddaughter. But other than that, it's glaringly similar to EAH.

    Here is the Wikipedia page of the series:

    Here's the first episode:


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  • DatAsymptote

    OC Concept: Charming squad based off Latin declensions.

    • Nominative Charming. bossy. puts themself in the front of everything.
    • Accusative Charming. always gets objectified.
    • Vocative Charming. commands respect. everyone recognises them
    • Genitive Charming. possessive. personification of that sharpay song
    • Dative Charming. the one you can always count on to lend a pencil or a tampon
    • Ablative Charming. a total all-rounder.
    • Locative Charming. you see them around everywhere.

    im never going to make these OCs but if youre into charmings and the latin language, hmu ill love to put this concept into some more active hands

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  • Jade-the-Tiger

    2 Years!

    August 10, 2017 by Jade-the-Tiger

    Looking at my calendar, I literally just realized that today is the second anniversary of when I joined the wiki! I can't believe I've already been here that long. Two years certainly flies by in no time at all! 

    I know I'm not very social and don't talk much at all, but you guys have always been so friendly and kind, and made me feel so welcome around this place and I just wanted to say thank you for always letting me join in. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. :) 

    It's been so nice to be able to share my drawings around this place of my own character, as well as getting to draw and design a bunch of yours, and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future. 

    Here's to another year coming! 

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  • Lesbean-mercy

    pretty self-explanatory, i'm gonna plop some hairstyles i drew up for my redesign of my oc cybs and also put a poll down for y'all to vote on the hair if you want.

    the hairstyle with the most votes gets chosen as cybs's new hairstyle for her main outfit while the other hairstyles can be used as hairstyles for other outfits lol

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    • You are free to request any combination of the following, as long as they equal to the physical volume of two human bodies.
      • One full body artwork.
        • You have the option to get a base, but this essentially makes for two full bodies.
      • Two half body artworks, whichever half is up to you. 


    • If ever I've already draw that much for you, nothing is stopping you from trying to request again.
      • However, results vary from:
        • Me absolutely willing to do it
        • Me refusing you
        • You getting that art much later than usual
        • or, me just giving you lineart, or a sketch, or a different style entirely.


    • If you lack art references for the character, please provide either:
      • A rough sketch
      • or, a dollmaker
    • The wikia generally discourages dollmakers as OC artwork, but I find that they're goo…

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    Not implying that by "dump" I regard my art as trash... but they're messy and cluttering the request blog. All further art will be placed here.

    Please do not request here.

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    Voting is closed.

    Welcome to August!

    Lots of people to congratulate this month! Well done to the Swan Squad (and all of their owners!) and Griselle Damgaard (and her owner!). This months winners are more than deserving, so please be sure to go and leave many congratulations for them.

    Voting will close on the 24th of August at 23h59 GMT.

    Let the voting begin!

    Discord / Skype / "Postal" votes received this month: 0

    1. Users should not vote for OCs that belong to them.
    2. An OC who has already won cannot win again.
    3. A character with the same destiny as a previous winner cannot win.
    4. You (the driver/creator) cannot win an OTM twice in a row.
    5. You can only win the OTMs of a given month if you have partaken in the voting for that month.

    1. You can vote for a ship you …

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    I didn't know how to incorporate it into her profile, but I got this idea.

    Cynthia is Duchess' second-in-command and strived to be the top Swan Maiden.

    The funny part is that two years ago, when Cyn was first drafted, I had planned for her to be Odile's daughter.

    So in all irony, Cyn is really destined to be Odile, but doesn't know it yet. Since the whole "being raised with a different destiny" is a hella thing in EAH, case in point Daring and Darling Charming.


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  • Little Miss Nobody

    So even though this just a spur of the moment blog, I was feeling hesitant because I didn't want to clog up my blogs. I still have a lot to delete and don't want unnecessary blogs but I thought this one could possibly just let me know your inspirations EAH or other wise for your OCs.

    So my inspirations are definitely Apple, Darling, and Cupid. I find all of them incredibly interesting characters. Apple had a lot of character growth. Darling has a lot of depth to her. I like how Cupid is portrayed by the fandom. They mix her personality from MH and EAH. I think that's pretty cool. I tend to like her appearance in EAH but her personality from MH.  Anyway, I keep this in mind when creating OCs.

    I am currently creating an OC and while I love tha…

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  • BishounenP

    Hey y'all.

    Not sure if anyone actually reads this thing lol, but I figured I'd write a post about why I've been so inactive after being super duper active!

    So my fiance and I had to finish moving out of our apartment a few days ago, and the next day we were supposed to go to NYC. He sent me to go get a vacuum, and I took off in my car.

    However, my car broke down in the middle of traffic, at an intersection. ._. 

    So I sat there bawling trying to figure out what the hex I was supposed to do. The tow took almost an hour to come get me, and people kept honking at me and staring. Halfway through, a police officer came up and waited behind me so no one would run into me. That helped a lot.

    So we were stranded in the city our apartment was in (our new…

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  • Patchworks Inc

    Hiya!! While I wait for the timeline to get started, I thought I could work on some oc relationships. Anybody interested? This time, I only have 2 ocs this time, as I don't want to start anymore relationships with any of the ocs I don't have publicly developed yet. So that would be Class, Flicker, Ally, and smoker fairy girl I haven't named yet.

    (these relationship blogs got really popular a while back and it would be cool if that happened again haha I like them)

    Ozian transfer student who is bubbly, optimistic, and supportive. She is always up for some dun and adventure, but really just wants to see you happy. She doesn't have the best mindset about herself, but she doesn't let that get in the way of a good day!

    • Not looking for any specific …

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  • ZarinChan

    Glad you asked -- Amino is still a pretty new thing so I don't think many people would know about it. But if you do, great, you can skip this explanation! Anyway, Amino is an app where you can create communities (it's like a combination of stuff like Instagram and Wiki I guess) and do a bunch of stuff with the other people who have joined. You can;

    • discuss about the topic in PM or public chatrooms
    • make friends lol
    • share your content such as art, fanfics, quizzes and more
      • you can also get featured -- your content will appear of the front page where more users will find it
      • one of the features allow you to make "Wiki Entries" (similar to making a page here) which you can submit to the Amino's wiki where more people can see it
    • make your own! Howeve…
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  • DatAsymptote

    Six months ago, the userbase nominated and voted for OCs to feature in the dropdown boxes of the navigation tab.

    The admins team are wondering whether there is interest in hosting another nomination and voting period.

    Vote here!

    If you have any additional comments, comment below.

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  • Patchworks Inc

    I'm so sorry i couldn't get this up sooner. this break i signed up to be a tutor at summer school which just let out yesterday. I just spent all my time last night doing all kindsa stuff relating to this. but anyways i wanted to wait to do this till I had enough time to pull this thing together, so now would be the time.

    but without further ado, let's get this thing started!

    Not too long ago, I asked you guys if you would be interested in/find it helpful to have a timeline of the events in the franchise of Ever After High. I didn't get a single no, so I decided to go through with it. Some of the things I heard from you guys about how this project could be useful to you were things like this:

    • It would be helpful for writing fanfics.
    • It would ma…
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  • Lesbean-mercy

    alright so i wanna redesign my oc ginerva eternity but i'm deciding between three color swatches for her outfit:

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  • BishounenP

    So I got into EAH kinda randomly... I don't even remember where I saw it, just stumbled upon it really. I watched it all on Netflix first, and now I'm making my way through the webisodes. I got my friend Lyrium to watch with me. We're on Dragon Games rn, and she loves it. Took her a few eps to get into it though. 

    I've been reading D.S. ~Dal Sengo~, a visual novel. I don't usually read character based VNs; typically I prefer ones with an overarching plot. However, this one is pretty enjoyable and I love all the characters.

    I watched my fiance's parents' dog this weekend while they all went to another state to visit extended family. I don't really remember anything I did, lol, except pour some effort into this wiki. They're back now, and we're al…

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  • Lesbean-mercy

    okay so im in the process of redesigning tyvainea l. thief's overall character design and this is what i have so far (thoughts and maybe some ideas on what i can or should incorporate?)

    the general thoughts are: shorter hair + bangs and more toned down and kind of subtle grunge clothing i guess??? idk

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    uhm ( updated art blog here )

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  • Lesbean-mercy

    sooooo uhhhhh im probs not recognizable by a lot of the newer users on this wiki but some old users that are still here might remember me as hetastuckworts4137 or na-ttoppet or something like that. i came back to the wiki on anon to check out my old ocs and well??? its a freaking wild ride going through old ocs on both this wiki and the monster high fandom wiki, but it also makes me miss my ocs and the time i've spent on both wikis tbh. 

    but ummm,,, theres a possibility that i'll actually come back to the wiki??? a lot of my friends that were on the wiki before (elliott and maddi) are kinda doing their own thing but could possibly come back for old time's sake (not guaranteed 100%) while everyone else (meggy, sabby, etc) are people i haven'…

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  • Jade Encrusted Bugs

    Hi guys! It's your friendly neighborhood Bug at your service. =D 

    Anyways, I would just like to bring up a few things that semi-explain my absence:

    • I've been renovating my room for the last few months! My mother (I'm currently living with my parents rn) is becoming a homecare provider for a girl who's somewhat younger than me (we'll call her "M" for confidentiality), so we ended up switching the former guestroom bed (full-sized) and my bed (twin-sized) to male more room.
    • Alongside that, my laptop pooted. :v so I'm currently typing this from my tablet. And on one last note...
    • I'm becoming a respite care provider for M! She'll need someone to look after whenever my parents are out of the house, so I'll be filling in for them. In the meantime, wh…
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  • BishounenP

    Time for a rambly post!

    So... In my first blog post I named Cerise x Daring as my OTP, and Rosabella x Daring as my NOTP.

    First of all, the episode that made me realize I was going to love this series was the one where you discover Cerise's mother married the Big Bad Wolf. I love campy humor and to me that was just absolutely hilarious. I mean, what? Hahaha. Then, I watched the webisode where her mother visits and they go on a picnic. And how her father's default form appears to be the wolf. I mean... come on. You're telling me her human mother decided to marry this wolf guy that tried to eat her grandma? Love that stuff. Hliarious. Amazing.

    And Daring... I love him. He's a lot like Narcissus from mythology (and lowkey like myself;). As much …

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  • BishounenP

    EAH Ships

    July 24, 2017 by BishounenP

    My OTP

    Cerise x Daring

    Ships I Love

    Apple x Darling

    Ashlynn x Hunter

    Lizzie x Chase

    Ships I Like

    Raven x Apple

    Kitty x Maddie

    Lizzie x Daring

    Hopper x Briar

    Alistair x Bunny

    Ships I Dislike

    Apple x Daring

    Dexter x Humphrey

    Raven x Maddie

    Cupid x Dexter

    Ships I Hate

    Dexter x Raven

    My NOTP

    Daring x Rosabella

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  • Kallenaiden2134

    Eh, I ran out of ideas for a while.... But I got one now!

    EAH characters in Hogwarts houses!

    Apple White (mah fave): Hufflepuff. Loyal, heck yes. Kind, heck yes. Fair, heck yes (remember that episode where she ran for school president?)

    Raven Queen: Gryffindor. She defied destiny, I think that's extremely brave. She's not a glory/power- seeker but that doesn't mean she can't be Gryffindor. Despite her destiny as an Evil Queen, she's honorable and won't let others tell her what to do.

    I'm too lazy to do more characters right now, so that's all.

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  • Cerisefan03

    I love the show miraculous ladybug and I really, really want to do something like that in an RP or Fanfic or somehting! But I have absolutely no clue how to even begin doing that, so please suggest what I need to do! And if I choose you're idea I'll make one of your OC's one of the heros if you want.

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  • NibiruMul

    I thought this would be interesting for a blog post.

    I've discovered a complete list of unproduced Disney media on Wikipedia, and I decided to share it with you. Apparently, there are lots of fairy tale films that Disney proposed, but never made.

    Here is the list

    1. Alice in Wonderland (1933) - This was Disney's first attempt at making an Alice in Wonderland movie, eighteen years before they made their own version. It was supposed to be a combination of live-action and animation, and it was to star former silent film actress Mary Pickford as Alice. Walt Disney scrapped it in favor of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
    2. The Little Mermaid (1933-1941) Long before Disney released The Little Mermaid in 1989, Walt himself wanted to adapt Hans Christian A…
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  • Eat the hell

    Not sure who this concerns but if you're wondering where I'm at, and why I've been quiet for so long well I'll just let it out. 

    Real life. 

    And not just real life. I mean my life is about to change dramatically in such a way that when I come back I might not even be the same person. 

    Well what do I mean by that?

    I mean that I'm going into the Air Force. Yep. And as I type this down I'm taking the first steps to achieving that and studying for the ASVAB test which is a qualification exam required for enlistment. 

    That being said? Might not be on for a while. Might not be on for years. Maybe a couple. I'm not fully sure. I figured people had a right to know since I've been...generally aloof from the EAH Wiki community as a whole. And I feel bad …

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  • Kallenaiden2134

    It's been a while, but.... I published the first chapter of the story I was talking about making! It's called "A Tale of Twists"! I'm planning for the next few days to continue working on the story and add new chapters. Also, I'll postpone Agnes Sugar's profile so I won't get carried away with creating another story with her and her friends.

    Read more >
  • Wind rider33

    So hello I'm you know Wind rider33. Today I will tell you my FAV characters in EAH X3!!!

    And First of All.

    1. Raven Queen

    I know thier are a lot of Raven haters but I truly love her. She doesn't wanna be bad like her mom right. But Apple says to her to sign the book but I don't like Apple that much. I think Apple is selfish. She is thinking about other students but what about Raven doesn't she even think about Raven's future??? XP

    2. Madeline Hatter

    She's very very very very MAD!!!!!! I love her. She is so cheerful and always happy with a big smile. She is always cheering Raven and she is also my fav character' s BFF. I just love that girl. XDDDDDD

    3. Kitty Chesire

    Oh Kitty is so cool and nice and cute. X3 She is so cute when she smiles and she i…

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  • Little Miss Nobody

    This is where I'll post simple updates! Anything I feel is bigger will have its own page. 

    Tuesday, 7/4/17: I'll be at my college's EOF program starting tomorrow! I'll only be able to come on on the weekends because we can't bring our laptops and we have access to our phones at night. My phone is really crappy and will only be using it to call my mom or sisters to speak to them/tell them goodnight. If you have anything urgent to discuss, please write on my Message Wall since I get notifications or my driver's page because I check it frequently. So speak to you soon guys! 

    Sunday. 7/9/17: I'm going back to the program at night. I didn't really realize how much I missed my family until I got home. I don't want to leave. Anyway, I was consideri…

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