Bella Rose is the daughter of Belle and The Prince (commonly known as Beauty and The Beast). She is a Royal but she secretly longs to be a rebel. Bella's annoyed of being 'trapped' within her Royal status, though her detsiny is a good one, she would rather live her own life and not choose but earn her Happily Ever After. Her BFFA's are Cerise Hood, Madeleine Hatter and Earl Grey (Maddie's Mouse).

Facts Sheet

Name: Bella Rose

Parent/s: Belle and The Prince

Parents Story: Beauty and The Beast

Status: Royal/ Roybel

Given Destiny: To fall in love with a beast then turn him into a prince and live Happily Ever After

Wanted Destiny: A Destiny that she herself earned and not one 'borrowed from her mother'

My 'Magic' Touch: She can make any flower bloom just by laying a finger on it

My 'Oh Curses' moment: When She struggles to keep to fact that she doesntt want a destiny, just a life of her own, a secret

Fairytale Romance Status: " If I can earn my own destiny, I can earn my own Prince"

  • She has researched everyones parents stories so she can avoid a bad or troubling destiny.
  • Because of that she is extra careull around poison apples, Spinning needles, Grandma eating wolves, Lizzie Hearts when she is beheading things. E.t.c
  • She gets annoyed when people call her the daughter of 'Beauty'.

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