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A New Orentation Edit

Hey guys! I'm Bella Rose, daughter of Beauty and the Beast. I'm on a journey to follow my destiny, though I can't seem to find my beast. I'm hoping to talk to C.A. Cupid, and maybe she could help me.

I also look up to my eldest sister, Arabella Rose. She is the best sister EVER!!! She works at a stuffed toy factory, lucky me! She always surprises me with a stuffed animal! She is hexellent!

Anyways, this is the story of what fun I've had at Ever After High... at least you can call it fun... let me rephrase that. This is the story of Bella Rose, a 14 year old girl on a journey to follow her destiny!

Chapter 1 Edit

I finally have arrived at Ever After High! But... it seems kinda lonely. I hope they have a library!

Ok, time to get back on topic. This morning, in class, this girl named Kitty Cheshire passed me a note. When I grabbed it, Mr. Rumpelstiltskin caught me and I got detention.

After class, C.A. Cupid started talking with me. She knew that I had trouble fitting in, so she tried to hook me up with someone. She asked me some questions, and she found the perfect guy for me! His name is Harry Beast, and I think he might be my true love!

Chapter 2 Edit

Dear Diary,

I... I lost my boyfriend... and unless my story processes... I don't think he will come back... So, as a result... I will not be writing to you anymore. I will cherish you forever after.

Sincerely yours, Bella Rose

Chapter 3 Edit

Well, guess what! I've got some big news! If you want to know, then I dare you to read the rest of this chapter!

After Harry's heartache, I turned my ring three times, and in a flash, I was in his dorm. I ran over to him, and noticed he wasn't breathing. I cried and cried until one tear landed on his heart.

His chest started glowing. It spread all over his body. All of a sudden, he transformed into a prince. A fairy handsome prince. As soon as I looked him in the eyes, I knew he was my true love.

After that, Harry and I went on a date. He gave me a rose as a resemblance of our love. I searched my pockets, and I found a stuffed animal Arabella gave me that looked just like him when he was a beast. I gave it to him to remember when we first met. Then, we sealed our love with a kiss.

But, the adventure at Ever After High is not over! In fact, it is still the beginning! I just didn't have the time to realize it!

Chapter 4 Edit

Coming Soon...

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