Bella is the daughter of BlueBeard. She was born right before he killed her mother. Bella hates her father, and her father doesn't care. He hates her as well and makes her sleep in a small closet in his room. She was only allowed out of the closet when she had to go the bathroom or whenever BlueBeard had guests so she could serve them. Bella hates what her father does and she is a Rebel.



Bella is very determined. She does what she wants, without hurting anyone, not wanting to repeat her dads life. She is caring and thoughtful. She puts others before herself and will help anyone in need. Anytime, anyplace. Because of her dad she is also very jumpy and on alert. She makes sure no one is behind her or around her that she can't see and is scared easily because of threats her father gave her.



Bella has cury dark blue hair, and blue eyes. She is a bit pale as well as 5ft. 4in. She is very skinny as result of the closet and lack of food.

Normal Outfit: Bella wears a short, puffy, sleevless dress thats covered up with a black coat that has a blue stripe  coming down where it's held together by buttons connected to a bit of lace. Underneath she has back leggings and black boots. Her curly hair is held in a ponytail with a blue badanna.

Legacy Day Outfit: She wears a short tight black dress. Down the middle of the torso part there is an opening reavling white fabric. That part is pulled together by blue lace. Under where the lace is on her sides, layers of blue and black striped fabric comes down covering her sides. On the back a giant blue bow hangs down. She leaves her curly hair down and tops it off with black heels and a small top hat with blue lace.



BFFS:Bella is best friends with Fauna Rose. They met on the first day and have been best friends ever since.

BFS: Bella is not looking for a relationship and does not have one.

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