Before The Beginning is an alternate universe fanfiction and setting created by Little Anonymous Darling.


It follows the main introductory students of Ever After High in their first year of school and what awaits them. It sparks the main flame of the whole Royal / Rebel drama and looks further in-depth to the lives' of the students. It reveals that some of the students were not aware of their destiny until age fourteen and lived in the mortal world under false identities and such, completely unknown of who they really were. Thus, it allows them to go through a period of change and confusion, all the while the other fairytale children await or contemplate their destiny.

Before The Beginning is a world in it's own that is not canon to the official Ever After High world most fans know, and a decent amount of it is all created / thought up by the author. The only true official details are the students and faculty, along with everyone staying in personality.

Tags / GenreEdit

  • Alternate Universe
  • Drama
  • Friendship
  • Fantasy
  • Suspense


  • This series is going under major rewrites ever since it got deleted from It still, however, is readable via Google Docs and hopefully, it will be updated soon.
  • The quotes at the beginning of the prologue's story are lyrics from a song that helped inspire the fanfiction. The song is "At The Beginning" by Richard Marx & Donna Lewis (and is one of the author's favorites).

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