This is an article about Beatrix Gothel, a character made by Piplupgirl123/EldritchGrimdarkness.
Quotation1 Beatrix knows best... yeah no. No way in heck am I quoting that ever again. Quotation2

Beatrix Gothel is the daughter of the enchantress Dame Gothel from the German fairytale Rapunzel (made by the Brothers Grimm).



Beatrix's behaviour (as displayed in her bio) can be a mix of tsundere-ish and blunt-like. She is seemingly calm and acts as some sort of 'morality-keeper' for her roommate Ginerva though the former is somewhat of a cold and bitter girl. Bea is quiet most of the time, and rarely speaks unless she is spoken to, giving her somewhat of a polite-ish demeanor. She is also against her destiny for starters. Though Beatrix has shown no sign of kindness or sympathy, it is safe to say that she has a soft side...


Beatrix's interests consist of writing, doing hexes, magic and such and secretly watching old movies on her MirrorPhone. The writing part is because she feels as if she is actually in the tale she's writin. The magic part is pretty much because of her mother being an enchantress. The watching old movies part is just something she doesn't want to talk about.. In the story of Rapunzel, her mother The Dame Gothel had a garden so she has a soft spot for gardening and planting plants (such as the edible leaf that was mentioned in the fairytale). Also, Beatrix takes pleasure in making fantales (pun of fanfics~) based upon her friends, enemies or acquaintences.


Beatrix's official profile picture has not been made and uploaded yet but she is set to have dark ombre-ish hair (wavy at the end), light olive skin and purple, almond-shaped eyes with a beauty mark under her left eye.



Beatrix's mother (mentioned above) is the Dame Gothel, the enchantress from the German story Rapunzel (by the Brothers Grimm). Her mother is quite over-potective of her beloved daughter and is quite persistent on having her home-schooled for the rest of her life but noooo, Beatrix decided to run out of her mother's grip and into the grips of Ever After High (not literally of course..).


Beatrix's only friend seems to be her roommate Ginerva K. Eternity (which she secretly writes fantales about).

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