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Baeleen to Aubree Thief every five minutes.

Baeleen Deerling is the youngest daughter of Bae from the Fairytale the Snow Queen, and the sister of Rouge Deerling and her popstar sis Baelie Deerling. She is the youngest, so she isnt known by a lot of people. Unlike her sisters, she hails from the eastern Laplands in Russia. 


Baeleen would be voiced by Erin Fitzgerald since how Erin does Abbey Bominable in Monster High would sound alot like Baeleen. 


Personality Edit

Baeleen is very anti social. She doesnt like people AT ALL. She would rather be trapped with the Snow Queen in the ice castle than help the next Gerda or encounter people. She is also from Russia due to being raised by her mother. She never gossips about her heritage or her destiny since she wants nothing to do with it. 


Baeleen has dark greasy brown hair and swampy eyes. She also has the bottom half of a reindeer and hides her tail in her petticoat. She also wears glasses since her eyesight is horrible. 


The Snow Queen

How does Baeleen come into it? Edit

After the events, Bae had met another reindeer in Lapland, and had 3 calves, Rouge, Baelie, and Baeleen. Bae and the other Reindeer separated, and the other Reindeer got Baeleen and traveled to the Eastern Lapland in Russia while Bae, Rouge and Baelie were in the western Lapland. 




Bae is her father, and the destiny of whom she should follow. She loves her father but she just tries to get away from him since he seems like a stranger. 

Rouge Deerling and Baelie DeerlingEdit

Rouge and Baelie are her older sisters. They question how she could be from Russia since they are oblivious to the divorce. 




She is trying to find love, but its not easy being a reindeer. 


She has no pet since she is owned by Aubree Thief


  • Baeleen's name was thought up from a disney movie o-o 

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